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Had sever Heamaturia, caught up on the way shopping. popped into my surgery ask for urgent appointment explained that last time this happened I almost had blood transfusion. I was given a prescription sent home to be called by GP later. 8pm no call. I had to resolve to 111 then hospital where Cystoscopy was arranged. Had this done yesterday my reason for writing this is that 14 years ago I had the same procedure it was more humane. I appoligise for saying this I felt mutilated. the anaesthetic was the worst part and it has taken me a day almost get over the discomfort having resolved to Di morphine.

I believe like anything else Hospitals are using the lower grade of what was used before. Without realising the agony which causes the patients.

If you had such a experience please tell may be we can put this to NICE.

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Hello Afaghieh,

Sorry to hear of your problems and your appalling treatment.

Have you had the results back from your cystoscopy?

If nothing is detected please note that I too suffered blood in my urine several times when under medicated on thyroid hormones.

Do you feel well on yours?



Hi Flower007

Thanks, I am on the right dose for my Hypo. I don't feel good i am severely depressed have one of those nightmare neighbours. I have to have further investigations.


Sorry to hear that Afaghie,

Remember a doctors interpretation of your test results as "normal" may not be what members agree with. We know from experience that certain criterias need to be met in order to feel well on thyroid meds.

If would like members to comment please post your latest thyroid hormone test results complete with ranges (numbers in brackets) as a new post.

I hope you feel better soon,




last months t3 blood test was 4.+

I was on 20mcg daily and was suggested by the panel I should increase another 10mcg daily which i have done.


I'm sorry to hear about your terrible experience having a cystoscopy done. I had such a test done in my hospital and I didn't feel anything. It was done by a registrar. I wonder if your test was done by someone with hardly any experience at all. I had the same test years ago abroad and again was painfree. I wonder whether you shouldn't complain to the head of the clinic. Did you bleed afterwards?

BTW, I was told that the anaesthetics was a kind of gel. Was yours given by injection?


Hi Rebec

Thanks for reply. The first time it was gel. I had no idea what this time was. i will Find out.


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