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can anybody help with these results? Thank you!

Here are the results of my most recent blood test.

Serum T4 leve (PAK) normal, no action needed 18.0pmol/L 10.40 - 24.50pmol/L

Serum TSH level (PAK) Satisfactory result. 0.11mu/L 0.30 - 6.00mu/L

My cholesterol is raised too 6.0mmol/L instead of in the range 3.00 -5.00 mmol/L

Can somebody tell me what the levels indicate? Thank you.

I asked for T3 to be tested and this wasn't done. I also asked for my cortisol level to be tested but this done via a blood test and not a saliva test. This was at the request of a Gp in my Drs Practise who treated me like I was a complete hypochondriac.

I have now been to see my new GP armed with Dr Sarah Myhills book ( I also have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and a book on the treatment of thyroid via T3 and she was really open to my ideas. She has taken my books to read ( she also told me she has another patient that she treats with T3). I have to go back in a month for her and I to develop a joint treatment plan as she said that I am more of an expert than she is and she is happy to work with me to hopefully try and regain some of my health and energy.

I will let you all know how I get on!!

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Welcome to the forum, Lovelifedance.

TSH 0.11 and FT4 18.0 are euthyroid (normal). If you're not on Levothyroxine it doesn't look as though you have a thyroid problem. If you are on Levothyroxine you appear to be optimally dosed.

Labs don't usually test FT3 unless TSH is suppressed <0.03. They look for high FT3 in hyperthyroid patients and aren't interested in looking for low FT3 in hypothyroid patients.

24 hour cortisol saliva testing isn't available on the NHS. You can order saliva tests and thyroid FT3 tests from Blue Horizon and Genova via


Thank you so much. I have been going crazy wondering if my health problems are due to my thyroid or my CFS. If the tests show that I am on an optimal with the Levothyroxine then I can look elswhere for the cause of my health problems. I will get the cortisol checked out via the link as I am trying to eliminate eveything possible so I can concentrate on the real culprit of my wretched life at the mo!


Lovelifedance, it's worth getting FT3 tested too. Low FT3 can cause significant ill effects.


Lovelifedance, you can't know that you are optimally treated without seeing your FT3. It could be that you aren't converting the Levo (T4) to T3 and the T3 will be low. How much are you taking?

Optimal means that you Don't have any symptoms anymore. And you obviously do. Fibro isn't a disease, it's a syndrome, and something is causing it. More than likely, in your case, Under-treated hypo.

Also, your high cholesterol says that you are still hypo. You need to get that FT3 tested.

Have you had your vit D, vit B12, folate, iron and ferritin tested? If these aren't optimal, you won't be able to use the T4 you're taking. So, best to get them checked.


HI greygoose. thanks for taking the time to respond. As you can probably tell, I am useless at understanding what is going on with me (apart from I feel like hell all the time!)

I havent had the tests you have mentioned but will ask to have them done.

I do take supplements of magnesium 375gm per day, Q10 200mg a day plus my Levothyroxine, 150mcg per day. I take my Levothyroxine in the evening and the supplements in the morning. I have just changed this regime as I did take my thyroid meds in the morning but have read that taking them during the evening can be beneficial.

Do I have to be a private patient to have the T3 tested?

I am away for a few days now but would love to see any comments about this post when I am back in the land of the living dead ( ie work!!)


I can't answer that because i Don't live in the UK. But I believe it's difficult to get on the NHS because the labs refues to do it! But, no harm in asking.


Thank you , my GP said to contact Dr Mark Vanderpump as he endorses the use of T3 and she will prescibe it for me if my tests show that I need it. Its expensive but Ive got to the point that my quality of life is so impaired that I will try anything.


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