Hi again ,Still feel awful .My TSH was 15 ,raised t3 to 40 mcg, tsh came down to 5,now on day 5 of 45 mcg t3.Feel terrible still and worse ache all over ,stiff no energy at all.I just cannot feel well now and this has been for nearly 2 years now after 15 years of hashimotos.When on thyroxine if I raised to my normal dose ,so ill and hyper with very low tsh.Now when on t3 only feel hyperish at this 45 mcg dose.I need to raise dose but keep going hyper.I am slowly slipping away .All other tests are normal although calcium level went from 2.2 to 2.7,wondering if this could be a hyperparathyroid thing.Clutching at straws as gp wants to say because he cannot find anything wrong it must be chronic fatique syndrome.There is something very wrong as no one should feel like this.All I can do is sit on couch all day and do basic housework ,have no energy to talk to people.

It is not jusy lethargy its feeling malaise all day every day too.

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  • Susiebow, A build up of Levothyroxine can take up to 14 weeks to clear. Hopefully you won't have to wait much longer and the T3 will work better then.

  • Hi Clutter ,I am on week 12 now ,so heres hoping ,Thanks for support ,just a bit down today.

  • Susiebow, I hope that is the reason. I felt no improvement whatsoever until I'd been off T4 for 12 weeks but I also stopped T3 for 2 of those weeks which cleared everything faster. I woke up one day and noticed I wasn't trembling, next day internal tremors stopped and it was marvellous to walk down stairs without feeling my legs would collapse under me. Every day improvement until the end of the 2nd week off meds all pain and symptoms had cleared. I restarted Levothyroxine and had problems within hours but adding T3 calmed them. The hypo symptoms were nothing compared to the adverse effects of Levothyroxine and although it took months to get my thyroid levels good I didn't feel ill the way I had on Levothyroxine only.

  • Thanks Clutter,Glad you feel better it gives us all hope.

  • Susiebow a calcium of 2.7 is to high, you need a parathyroid blood test done preferably with another calcium done at the same time, PTH blood test is time critical so time it was taken noted and sent to the lab asap.

    For symptoms of hpth hyperparathyroid.org.uk

  • Hi Hypohen ,gp said it was ok in normal range ,can you tell me what you think

  • You need the ranges where your test was done but 2.7 would normally be above range as the usual ranges are 2.2 - 2.6. Using this calcium range your pth should be very low, if it is also high then hyperparathyroidism should be suspected. If your level has risen from 2.2 to 2.7 then something is amiss as calcium should remain stable.

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