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Thoughts on Blood test results please -without any treatment or diagnosis !

Hi all, here are my recent results, apparently they are 'normal' and despite lots of hypo symptoms don't require treatment ! I have had 2 blood tests prior to this showing pretty similar results (on one my Ft4 was just under range). I have had blood tests to check my pituitary and a short synthaxin test which were both 'fine'. Is it worth asking for a pituitary scan ? Or would this be pointless given the fact I have already had blood tests to exclude this as a problem !

Tsh 0.77 mIU/L (0.27-4.2)

FT4 12.1 pmol/l. (12-22) Total T4 -88 nmol/L (59-154)

FT3- 5.1 pmol/L (3.1-6.8)

Anti bodies were negative

I'm desperately looking for answers/reassurance that this is not all in my head !

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Pinkpoppy, I think it is in your head, in your pituitary or hypothalmus to be precise. There is a negative feedback loop between hypothalmus, pituitary and thyroid (HPT axis) and yours doesn't appear to be working as TSH should rise in response to low FT4. Secondary hypothyroidism (pituitary) appears to be ruled out as your pituitary function is good, but tertiary hypothyroidism (hypothalmus) should be considered as the pituitary gland may not be receiving stimulus from the hypothalmus which controls the endocrine gland system.

Your thyroid gland is probably healthy but without TSH stimulus can't produce T4 hormone for conversion to T3. Your FT3 is currently good but will drop unless your T4 increases. Treatment is Levothyroxine to replace low hormone which your GP can prescribe but you should be referred to endocrinology for investigation in case other hormones are also affected.


Thankyou for replying. That's really useful info ! I forgot to say that I saw an NHS endo who discharged me after the pituitary blood test came back clear 😡

I think you would be much more suited to his job !

I think my only option is to see a private endo armed with info - thank you again the GP prescribed anti-depressants and the endo made me feel ridiculous so it's great that this group is here ! X

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Pinkpoppy, It's a suggestion not a diagnosis but may be worth investigating. Most endos appear to be diabetes experts rather than thyroidologists so I don't think they look to hard at anomalous results sometimes.

Email for a list of endos recommended by members.

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It's definitely an avenue I hadn't thought of . The endo did specialise in diabetes! I got a list from Louise last week so will have a good look through it. Thank you, I'll keep you posted ! X

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Pinkpoppy, another avenue is isolated TSH deficiency. Read Shaz49's post in this link


Blood testing is inaccurate and I would firstly find a good doctor who will look at your symptoms before going down a route of other problems. My TSH was within range, suppressed, all other bloods were fine but I had a pulse of 42 and lay in bed for 18 months crippled. The TSH test has little relevance of what is entering the receptor sites on the cells.

No it's not in your head, oh so many doctors and people use this phrase and it's really upsetting, you know you aren't well and if you have all hypo symptoms then something is wrong.

I go to Dr Hertoghe in Belgium, maybe you could go out there and get their opinion.

Mail me if you need anymore info.

Hope this helps.


You could save a lot of money and self medicate


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