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I am on 150mcg levothyroxine daily, which I take at at night. Take various supplements, have had this for 10 years. After 2 years of constantly telling the docs that I was exhausted all the time, they finally did blood tests. I am very anaemic, due mainly to still having regular heavy periods, also being badly hypo. Take a couple of iron tabs per day, just keeps the level from being 0. I am so sick of just not feeling any better, life is just not the same. So going to see the doc at the end of the month, and going to insist on T3, cytomel cynomel or the proper name liothyronine sodium. See that most who take this with their levo, makes them feel so much better. I am not overweight, but watch what I eat, no gluten, no fruit, very few vegs, coz of the goitrogenic effect, even when cooked, they affect me. So find that my diet is based on meat, bit of cheese, and lots of salads, with coconut oil and extra vigin olive oil. Has anyone in Newcastle had any positive results of getting T3 from their docs. I have a small computer shop, always get into medical discussions, ever so many of my customers have the same problem, usually women, but noone yet has been on T3 and levo.

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Go to your GP and say you have read that research has found find that a combination of T3/T4 makes people feel so much better. Ask him to reduce 50mcg of levo and prescribe 20mcg of T3. for 3 months on a trial basis Excerpt:


Although our professional organizations continue to recommend L-T4 alone for the treatment of hypothyroidism, the possibility of a D2 gene polymorphism should be considered in patients on L-T4 monotherapy who continue to complain of fatigue in spite of dosage achieving low normal serum thyroid stimulating hormone levels. A suggestive clue to the presence of this polymorphism could be a higher than normal free T4/free T3 ratio. Clinicians could consider adding T3 as a therapeutic trial in selected patients. Future well controlled clinical trials will be required to more fully resolve the controversy.

If he refuses, you can add your own T3 to a reduced T4 on your own trial but get your blood tests done beforehand. You can get a private Free T3 blood test too (privately if GP/lab wont) so you know exactly what result is before beginning.



Thanks for the reply, I know well the websites that you recommend, have studied this all for years, I know that it will work for me. Yes I know that you have to lower the levo, and start with a low dose of T3. I don't see why they can't prescribe it, I am always very insistent, I will get it, by hook or crook. Had my bloods done not long ago, and as everyone says the numbers always look fine, but they should be going on how we feel, one size does not fit all. I can't see why I should have to buy T3, as these meds are free for everyone, like a cancer drug, we can be on a high income, but still don't pay for this. I have already printed out the relevant documents about the T3, they can't argue, even though most docs just don't have much of a clue about our disease. Another thing that I would love to participate in, is to get rid of the added fluoride to our water, which can start of the thyroid disease. Thanks again for your support.


Too many doctors place their faith in diagnosis by referring only to ranges and not listening to the patient and taking good notice of their symptoms first.

The BTA have stated that levothyroxine only is to be prescribed that's why most GPs are reluctant and that trials of T4/T3 haven't been borne out. I know for a fact that the equivlance of the T4 to T3 was not on a 3 to 1 basis. It was much lower. The BTA makes up their own mind and don't listen to patients such as me. I am well on T3 only.



If I have to be referred again to my Endo, it'll be ages for an appointment, am fine with buying it for myself, and starting on a low dose, and lowering the T4. I know that I could probably get it in Andorra, I go there usually every year, but not this year. Will have to dig out the pharmas card, they will send it to me. I tried Mexico, but they have none till November, I am now really impatient to try it. My friend lives in Crete, am going there in a few months, have asked to her to check out the pharmacies for me. Also heard that you can buy it in Cyprus, so where did you buy your T3? Have checked on the net, but don't trust these companies, need a recommendation.


The most recent recommendation if adding T3 to T4, is that it is 1T3 for 3 T4, i.e. 25mcg of T3 with 75mcg of T4. So if you are on 100mcg of levo for instance, you'd drop 25mcg.

My GP prescribes T3 for me.


What about all our toddlers/children who are using 'flouride toothpastes'. I have seen some swallowing it although they should be supervised but it tastes nice so inadvertently they are swallowing a poison. I wonder how many parents read the warnings on the box or the back of the tube?


Totally agree, why are we being medicated without the dosage specs, pretty disgusting! One of my son's with my 2 grandchildren, does not use fluoride toothpaste, I do have 7 kids, and they all take great care now because of what I know. We all use baking soda, and oil pull with virgin coconut oil. My teeth feel so much cleaner and healthier now. Hopefully have set them on the right path. We can't be perfect in this toxic world, but be as careful as we can. My dentist argues with me, but there is no evidence to support the addition of fluoride to our water, neither using mercury in our mouths. We will have all white fillings within a few years in the uk. Why do we have to have fluoride added in Northumbrian water, South Tyneside doesn't, many places in the Uk don't. It has been shown to lower IQ generally, maybe they want to keep us down in the North!! It is banned in many countries because it has been proven to be so bad.


Langdocienne, Although it is worth asking your GP about Liothyronine many are instructed by their CCG not to prescribe Liothyronine without recommendation from an endocrinologist.

It wasn't until I'd been self medicating T3 for several months that my endo agreed to prescribe T3. I'm not sure whether it was due the undoubted improvement in my health or because he didn't want me sourcing it on the internet. We'd had a heated debate about the benefits of T4+T3 combination therapy and he rubbished the research American and European research I mentioned.


Totally agree, I asked my Endo last year, but he said that he didn't know about it really, honestly, I thought that they were supposed to keep up with medicine. Of course we all know that it's much easier to just dole out levo, costs too much to keep doing our bloods, and appointments, to make sure that we are on the right dosage of T3. They all just tell us to go away, the numbers look fine, total rubbish! What the docs don't know, they ridicule!

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There is a list of all T3 and Armour Thyroid prescribed to patients throughout this country - some of them in Newcastle - so it can and does happen! (I think Rod posted the link - if someone can find it.) Best of...


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