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Vitamin D: Too Much of a Good Thing?

Bit of a backlash against higher levels of vitamin D:

Forgive the slightly ranty nature of the second link, but I do think that maybe he's got a point.

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I don't think much of the second guy. He claims that thyroid problems are really doughnut problems, and that people who say they have a thyroid problem belong in "the fat cow hall of fame" :

He also takes it for granted that people take thyroid meds to lose weight :


That doesn't make the studies he links to regarding vitamin D invalid, though, nor his claims about the Vitamin D Council.


He doesn't make it very easy to check his logic though. There isn't a single clickable link within his article, nor has he given titles or authors for the research he is referring to.

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Yeah, well, I'll punch his nose for being patronising as a normal fatness hypo person.

But he could still be right about other things


For anyone reading the above links, be aware that the units used in both links are the ones used in the US i.e. ng/ml, rather than nmol/L which is used almost everywhere else in the world.

To convert from ng/ml to nmol/L, multiply by 2.5

To convert from nmol/L to ng/ml, divide by 2.5


I can't read Chris Kresser. I hate the format of his blog. Why can't he just say what he has to say without going all round the houses! Most annoying.

Couldn't read the second one either. Why so much anger? Why is it necessary to be so rude??? What's he trying to prove? Does he think hes being clever? I think he needs his thyroid tested! So much rage.

Sorry, but neither of them have any credibility for me. And I know how I feel with and without vit D3. So... so nothing. :)


I believe he's angry because he feels people are being misled and sold snake oil. Which is fair enough. Yes, it would be better without the 'language' but I do think he has a valid point, as does Chris Kessler. Whilst we are all different, I think that most of us do not need the levels of vitamin D claimed by the Vitamin D Council.

I just had my levels checked and I'm at around 100pmol/l without supplementation, which is pretty good.


Which would be very strange because bodies like the Vitamine D Council usually vastly Under-estimate our needs. But I shall continue to listen to my body, as always.

Just saying that if these people really wanted to get their messages across, rather than their inflated egos, they would make their articles and blogs reader-friendly. As it is, the message just gets lost in the bad language and the hyp.


Very interesting, Hose, thanks for posting. I've never seen the People's Chemist bloke before and he makes some very good points about the crazy levels you see advocated. On this forum, even, you see people advocating long-standing mega-doses, which made me wonder about how the sun would ever be able to produce those kind of levels. Now I know! It wouldn't. Definitely makes a refreshing change to see these things questioned. As a 'sick person', you always have to watch out for people taking an advantage, and vitamins are such an easy target for snake oil salesmen. Thanks again.


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