Is Your Heart Getting Too Little (or Too Much) Vitamin D?

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GG, Interesting about the harmful effects of too much vitD. There isn't much discussion of this. I was considerably over range in Dec at 384 (75-200) after supplementing 5,000iu daily since March and have cut back to 5,000iu per week.

Clutter, don't know about your sun exposure, but on average of 3500 IU per day for 2 years my vitamin D level was 117 nmol/ml. So maybe 5,000 IU per week is a bit on the low side. Of course you are doing the 60 day half life calculation?

Gabkad, it is probably weak spirited of me but I'm complying with my endo's suggestion that "5,000iu a week is enough". I don't believe him, (this is the guy who said vitD deficiency doesn't cause bone and joint pain) but figure my level needs to halve so I'll do as suggested until I get the results of my vitD and calcium profile tests in June.

Does 60 day half life calc mean levels will have halved after 60 days?


This is the main reason for taking K2 with your D3. This is the vitamin that sends the calcium to the bones instead of letting it find its own resting place.

Lots of information there about VitD. They have campaigned tirelessly to increase the RDA .... Recommended Daily Allowance !

'They' always seem to underestimate RDAs. No Wonder we're all ill! We're mal-nourished. Is this a conspiracy I see before me?

...afraid so as Big Pharma sneaks in on the supplement ownership !

Oh, I know! My friend on Facebook, who also lives in France, was just chatting to me about staging a revolution, here in France (long story), but I think the revolution should be world-wide! They're trying to kill us all off, and we have to fight to survive. Vive la Révolution!!!

I recently wrote to Jeremy Hunt about his recent article on Alzheimers - no mention of prevention of course ! I have JUST had a reply from somebody or other - referring me to various departments for no doubt more non-committal replies. It's enough to give you a heart attack - with or without the VitD :-)


Yes, I know what you mean. They're just not interested, are they. They have their own agenda, and no amount of reality will change that.

I doubt if they want to kill all the sickies off, i mean how would they drug companies make money if there were`nt any people to sell their drugs to?

Well, that would be the end result, wouldn't it. Some of us quicker than others! I wouldnt stand a chance if I was still following doctors instructions - T4 only, TSH in range, and suppléments are useless. I would have died long ago. Vive l'internet!

Oui c'est vrai!

I supplement with a concentrated D3 powder, which works out at about 6000 ius daily. I've no idea if this is too much or too little, because I don't get any GP care and have to pay for all and any tests or treatment. I'm housebound most of the time and I live in a northern dale that seems permanently overcast. :-D

I think 6000 should be ok, but I'm no expert! I Don't get out much, either, except in the car. But I did sit in the garden for a while this evening. Quite a novel experience. lol

Reading a book? :D

No, watching the dog experience his first ever grass. I've never seen an animal so happy.

Gosh, just reread that! No, I mean grass as in 'lawn', not grass as in...

lol! x

"The ideal blood level of vitamin D was roughly between 50 to 100, with 70 nmol/L being the optimal level."

"the optimal level" ? ? ? Optimal for whom ? ? Does he mean the highest frequency in those living longest in that (large) "prospective" study group - if so, that's not the same as the "optimal" - a wrong choice of word, perhaps ?

Like any/all(?) HORMONES too much is more than likely to be as bad as too little, Goldilocks !

Holick, a big calcium supplement-recommending "cheese" in the "vit D" world artificially holds his blood level of 25(OH)D3 at 125nmol/L ( - if I recall correctly).

BEWARE: TOO much calcium will shorten life; most of us who drink milk & eat cheese, get enough according to Prof Veith, another "vit D" expert, who supplements with "only" 25mcg/day (= 1000IU) - but what blood level does that give him thru' summer & winter, I wonder ? ? ? No doubt over 50nmol/L, but maybe not over 100, at its lowest late winter, point ? ? ?

[Many more of us, who drink milk & eat cheese are more likely to be short of MAGNESIUM, which tis' said, is best supplemented with Mg FLAKES ( - either sprayed on skin, or added to drinking water). Came across an INTERESTING view recently that cells with inadequate T3 cannot use the magnesium, & so split it out - would love to see a citation for that; anyone come across it already ? ? ?].

Yet, some of us ( - for reasons I'm still hoping to understand better) can't get their blood levels into the 80s with hugh supplementation with (or without) feeling ILL. Any clues on this "endocrinological ceiling" ? [Inadequate supplies of other hormones or nutrients ?]. Researched pointers or wild guesses more than welcome !

Vitamin D is a secosteriod - although steroids are natural in the body as are hormones, too much of a good thing is hazardous. Being on steriods often leads to diabetes. He said "Calcium supplements unknown" - it seems to me that the article is playing safe as they know how important Vit D is - they just haven't figured out the whole puzzle ("not enough studies") - we know that includes K2, Mg, irons, B12 & B complex and way more goodies that used to be in food.... strange how calcium is picked up - yet parathyroids not mentioned...

Yes it is strange how some do feel ill supplementing, there must be a missing link per individual - I can only say from my own experience that my joint pain became worse before better, especially shin pain in my case... then again avoiding bilateral carpal & cubital tunnel surgery was a bonus & no cricked neck - bliss.... J :D

Now you've got me thinking . . . . thanks ! (?) ;o)

Is a steroid ( - of which a sub-type is a secosteriod ?) distinct in some way from a hormone ?

Have also heard it said that the cholecalciferol or D3 molecule, actually made in the skin when correct wavelength of UV is present, is a "prohormone" - which I'm inclined in a sense to liken to T4 ( - Dr Lowe's storage hormone). So, which is it, or are we splitting straws ?

The D3 then needs to undergo 2 distinct conversions to become the active 1,25(OH)D3, its very active and short-lived metabolite [via the 25(OH)D3, measured in blood] which appears to be every bit as important as T3, oxygen & other life-necessary molecules.

FASCINATING: Carbon-based biological life forms, evolved enough to navel-gaze into their own biochemistry of existence . . . . . enough to give me goose-pimples just now ! ! ! Ahhhh, what is this life, if full of care, we have no time to stand . . . . sit . . . lie down . . . and stare !

Have a good one !

Don't think too much, its dangerous!

What doesn't need sunshine? Morlocks , Vampires, bacteria?

IMHO - it underpins other 'stuff'.... (deficiencies) & nonsense.

Hmm - navel-gazing, William Henry Davies, I never considered illness until it happened to me c. 44 years old. But now I prefer to look at anything bar 'medicine'.

Yes, I've been steadily PRACTICING cutting back on the thinking, quite MINDFULLY . . . . and its a joy !

No illness until 44, hmmm . . . . . what a charmed life ! That's more than middle-age for some and according to one book !

Less easy for those for whom whatever was triggered was earlier, when the "axe fell" - still, perhaps I ( - and others, even more!) were naughtier in our last life . . . a pity I cannot remember those times ! Is it all just relative ?

Nonetheless, in spite of your proclaimed medical loathing, glad you've found this place & made your contribution to it; a delight to know you've been there today.

So many of us are finding our own way forward with the type of support more and more easily found via this inter-web thingy - just magic ! What a gift, the www. ! ! !

Keep up the good work - good things come to those who . . . . sow the right seeds, water and protect them, etc etc.

Better days may be ahead, . . . . . and in any case, there is the sweet anticipation of future goose-pimply moments.

Take care in the here & now ! The rest will unfold of its accord . . . . . .

forgive me - I forgot my ~GSE greek (so long ago!) I almost did latin but was found lacking - worse 'cheating'... not me gov! the one & only time when my 'friend' next door thrust a book on my lap - I got a detention (framed) yet I lied in defence - once only, the dog ate it - teacher was a bit ... er.... spaced? ...

Sorry don't believe in fate.. or anything much... I am beginning to believe in myself 'tho - and it's taken awhile!

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