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Endo waist off time

I have under active thyroid pernisiouse annemia b12 injections.take 150 micro gram levo gp sent me forward to endo as my bloods show needing t3 or something any how just back from the worst hospital visit with a so called doctor who had a couldn't care less attitude towards me.stating why you here your blood uptake on levo normal no treatment required other than what I get.I told him about all symptoms nausia joint pain no energy dry itching eyes ect ect .Well he said this has nothing to do with thyroid and suggested I ask my gp to try find out why I'm suffering like this but he can't help as its nothing to do with my looks like end off doctors for me as don't require a mental case label and phyco drugs which would probably be the next on their list.

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What an idiot!!! They are typical low thyroid symptoms! See a different person! Good luck xx


So you have Autoimmune Gastritis and are at risk both for B12 and for iron deficiency, and for iron depletion short of iron deficiency. According to research there is a 35 per cent incidence of AIG amongst hypothyroids, but there seems to be little research on what comes first.

I have just been reading in a Croatian research paper that anemia is found in 40 60 per cent of those with hypo (at least in Croatia it is) but it doesn't show up on a normal full blood count, FBC.

Please can you post any test results with their ranges so others can comment.

Have you had a serum ferritin test?

Is it possible you are not getting enough B12 despite your injections?

These two conditions are intimately connected.

No research has been carried out on the psychiatric stability of endos, and therefore we must conclude that there is no evidence that any of them are sane.


I was getting b12 monthly until a doctor decided this was not necessary and moved me too 3 months also I've been under tests for low hemoglobin had endo cameras into all parts body twice trying to find a cause.they found the following 1phemonia still present in lung 2 stomach nor absorbing hence b12 .3 thyroid hormone low also had sepsis with pneumonia but I've never felt any good and still they look but can't find the causes for my problems other than age and or some off the above I also have high blood pressure and osteoarthritis my doctors are getting frustrated by my lack off feeling well hence so am I can't abide doctors or hospitals any more thinking I should cease all meds and try to find other self healing methods.


I am so sorry you are experiencing so many problems. It is no surprise with lingering pneumonia, nalabsorption and two autoimmune problems that you don't feel at all well.

First the B12. Have you tried sublingual methylB12? You can get this over the counter or online. This bypasses the need for the gut to absorb it - you let the tablets dissolve in your mouth. The pernicious anemia forum on Healthunlocked would have a lot of people who have tried this. I understand that research evidence shows that taking B12 by mouth is as effective as injections, and I think it is unlikely to do any harm to try this, since the B vitamins are easily got rid of by the body. And your symptoms sound as though B12 may well one of the problems. You then can dose to see if your symptoms improve without having to plead with a doctor.

Iron levels - this poor absorption is due to your AIG, but I expect the fact that you have pneumonia may be playing in. When you are chronically ill the body also restricts the absorption of iron, because bacteria and viruses feed off iron. I read in research studies that "anemia of chronic disease" is very common in hypothyroidism.

The thyroid needs iron to work properly, so you are trapped in a massive vicious cycle.

If they can deal with the pneumonia, then your body's resistance to iron should reduce. However, you still will have autoimmune gastritis. I think you will need to take iron supplements in the most absorbable form then - and you will need to ask them to keep a very close eye on your blood count and your serum ferritin.

But the B12 I think you should be able to help now.


Sorry, I should have asked - when you say you have an underactive thyroid - do you have a diagnosis of Hashimoto's?


not had that yet but just got a call from GP seems I need a scasn now as blood result points to liver dont know anymore as yet


I do empathise. I self inject b12 as i refuse to allow NHS ignoramuses to ration me to three-monthly shots. I inject every couple of weeks. I do it sub cutaneously with a diabetic needle, you would be surprised how easy it is.

It may be time to consider buying ndt online - then you can adjust your own dose according to your symptoms rather than having NHS ignoramuses hold your health hostage.

Many people have had to follow this route - it is simpler and easier than trying to fight the system (we don't stand a chance, it is an uneven battle) or wasting your precious energy trying to educate lazy, arrogant, ignorant revenue-obsessed NHS GPs

You could also start taking betaine hcl, most people with pernicious anaemia have low stomach acid.

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