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Hi ,

I notice that in several posts, a recommendation is being given to email Louise Warville for a list of sympathetic Endocrinologists. I emailed myself over a week ago and received an error message to the effect that mail box was full or something similar. I imagine Louise receives a lot of requests. Is there anyone else can provide such a list? Many thanks. Tessica.

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  • Tessica, try Monday or use the TUK webform

  • Thanks I will let you know if I get a response this time.

  • Clutter,

    I received the list today from Louise Warvill. Thanks for the advice. Tessica.

  • Let me know your email and I have the list I got sent a while back from Louise I can forward it to you.

  • This is discouraged because the "real" list is continually updated - people could be doing themselves a disservice by using old versions.

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