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Private bloods


Just a quickie. I'm looking at Blue Horizon for some blood tests. Has anyone had any experience of this company, also it seems I can get a few more tests done for about £100 give or take if I opt for the home finger prick tests opposed to going to get blood drawn. Is a finger prick test any less reliable in terms of results or acknowledgment from GPs than a full test ?

Thanks x

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Mrsnju, Thyroid UK recommend Blue Horizon and Genova and both are widely used by forum members. The finger prick tests seem to be as reliable as having blood drawn. Your GP won't know whether the test is via finger prick or blood draw. Both labs are fully accredited but there's no guarantee your GPs will accept private tests. Some GPs and endos like to waste NHS money by re running the tests.


Hi they are very good and well researched. Quote TUK 10 for a discount.If GP will take the blood it is cheaper than finger prick.



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