When to take NAX?

I'm about to start dropping my T3 and starting NAX (before re-inroducing T3); I'm under Dr P and didn't think to ask this at the time.

My current adrenal stress profile shows low but in range cortisol 8am; very low but just in range at noon; very low and out of range afternoon and evening (my DHEA is virtually non-exsitant). Dr P said to take the NAX at breakfast and lunch and I know NAX can keep people awake at night if taken after lunchtime, but, I'm wondering, would it be better to take it when my adrenals are at their lowest??

Has anyone any experience of taking them after lunchtime?

How long does the effect of NAX last?

(NB I'd talk to Dr P before trying it, if there are people who found it successful.)

Thank you!

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  • Tracey, I'm sorry you haven't had any replies. Feel free to repost your question.

  • thank you!

  • Hi Tracer,

    I had problems with Nax after 3 days! could not sleep at all. I had to come off them. I contacted Dr Ps secretary and she suggested I take just nutri adrenal. I have had a few problems with that too unfortunately. But I think I was very stressed at the time anyway as I was doing exams and working. These things have passed so Im going to try again on the NA and see how I go. Sorry that it's not good news. Do a search for NAX here and many posts come up so you might find what you need.


  • Sorry to hear that BexyLS, I hope you can get them to work for you. Hope your exams went well!

    I have searched and read lots on here about NAX but there isn't so much actually saying about people's precise experience so I'm hoping others may still reply, as you have, thank you!

  • Sorry I couldn't help anymore. good luck with your search!

  • A stop- the- thyroid- madness blog suggested that waking in the early hours, as I do, could be due to low cortisol. Dr. P. said I could take 1 NAX early evening to help, which I did. It helped at first, but I now take 1 1/2 early evening, which seems to help more.

  • Thank you,Trixie, that's very helpful.

    My afternoon and evening cortisol results are low, out of range and I do wake - constantly - during the night (with sweats) (and my morning cortisol is low so presumably is climbing a bit sometime after middnight), so your experience is totally relevant to me.

    What time in the evening do you take yours, please?

  • Hello Tracer,

    I'm now on 6 NAX daily and take 2 1/2 with breakfast, between 8 and 9am, 2 with lunch, 12.30 to 1pm and 1 1/2 with evening meal about 6.30 to 7pm. Sometimes the last NAX is a bit later, but it doesn't stop me going to sleep.

  • Thank you Tixie64, that is extremely helpful.

    It sounds like you are on quite a lot but I hope you find them helpful; are you also on thyroid meds? If so, do you take NAX at the same time or a different time to the thyroid meds? (sorry for all the questions!)


  • I'm on so many NAX because I'm under a lot of stress. I was on 4 daily but had to increase slowly to 6, which has helped.

    I'm now on NDT (Nature-throid) which I take first thing in the morning, so about 2 hours before NAX. I also take 12 1/2 mcg T3 in 2 doses, one with the NDT, one about an hour before the evening meal.

  • I'm sorry to hear about your stress and hope it lessens very soon.

    I'm finding the information very useful, thank you. I'm currently at the stage of being off thyroid meds (T3 for me too) for 2.5 days, and I then intoduce the first NAX on day 5 and then re-introduce T3 on day 8. I must admit, I expected to really crash coming off the T3 as I was on 120mcg, but so far(!), it's not been as bad as I feared, so I'm really hoping for good things with the NAX!

  • All the best with the meds. Trixie

  • thank you!

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