cant tolerate NAX or NA. what option are there now? feeling rubbish

Hi Guys,

Anyone out there who didnt get on with NAX or NA? I've come off both now (tried NAX and then NA) and feel so damn tired and achy. I have exams in 12 days and really need something to keep me going. tried calling Dr Ps office on Friday but no answer.

I don't understand why I feel THIS bad as I dropped my NDT dose to 1.5 at the end of last year and though it was a struggle Im feeling worse now and Im on 2 grains a day. Is it a come down from the NA?

Anyway, is there anybody under care of Dr P who didnt get on with NAX or NA and went down another route? I just need a bit of hope that there is something for me while i'm struggling through. I have heard of Thornes adrenal cortex has anyone had success with that?



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  • Hi Bexy - did you try the Nutri-Meds adrenal cortex I messaged you about when you asked about this a while ago? I've been much better since I've been taking the adrenal cortex rather than the full adrenal gland, which is what NA and NAX contains. Dr P recommended NA/NAX to me, but when I didn't get on with them I searched around and found that adrenal cortex can be better for some people. It certainly has been better for me. In fact, I've just had the result of my latest saliva test today - and I'm almost in range now! That reflects the fact that I feel so much better now too.

    Seriously, I'd really recommend you try adrenal cortex if you don't get on with NA/NAX. Good luck with the exams too.

  • Hi Caroline,

    Sorry I did read your reply to my previous post. OMG my head is all over the shop! What happened when you spoke to Dr P about it?

  • I didn't speak to him about it, Bexy. I'm afraid I hadn't been keeping in touch with him as various events (work and personal) had overtaken me, so I simply took the decision myself to try the adrenal cortex instead. Based on what I'd read here, it looked like my reaction to the adrenaline in NA/NAX was the problem. The way it's turned out, I think that was correct.

    If you look at the message I sent you previously I've given you the link to NutriMeds' preferred UK supplier (if you're in the UK?). I found it helped almost immediately so it might be worth trying them straight away - especially if you want to feel better for your exams.

  • Hi carolinec57. could you please send me the link. Thankyou.

  • Hi Mandy - will do! :-)

  • Just looked at the link. That's brilliant. I will order some later. Anything is worth a try and I couldn't get on with NA or NAW. Thankyou CarolineC57

  • Hello BexyLS,

    I couldn't tolerate NAX so Dr P told me to stop and reintroduce in a few days on a lower dose (quarter tablet a day and build up) but I still couldn't get on with it.

    I tried Dr Wilsons Adrenal Rebuilder which is derived from the adrenal cortex so doesn't contain adrenaline but couldn't get on with that either.

    Now I am taking Dr Wilsons Super Adrenal Sress Formula which is not a glandular but a formulation of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients known to support the adrenals. It seems to be helping.


  • I've been the same I have stopped and started trying lower doses and so forth. its taken a while to go..nope not working as my life has been a bit stressful since I saw dr P (had a temping job and exams at the same time! partner has a business im helping with) so trying to work out what was causing it took some time. Im going for the cortex stuff i think!

  • I tried Nutri Adrenal and felt so dreadful that I stopped taking it. Ended up with Isocort which is no longer available.

    Many on here have found that these do not agree with them.

  • Try Nutri meds Adrenal cortex. Much more expensive than NAX, but no nasty fillers like NAX (capsule) and no adrenaline. A half way house is Adrenergize. mostly cortex with a little whole adrenal.

  • adrenergize?

  • From Amazon, iherb, mandimart (who also do Nurtricology adrenal cortex) or bigvits

  • Hi BexyLS, I tried NAX and could not take it, but have managed to take 1 x twice daily NA for about a month now. I tried Thorne Adrenal Cortex last week and could not bear the awful feeling it left in my mouth,making it more powdery than it has felt for some time, so have gone back to NA. Stopped for 2 weeks about a couple of months ago and ended up in A & E almost collapsed. I did this to take Cortisol Saliva Test. After test, which luckily was next day, I went back on 2 x NA and have been alright since then.

  • Caroline C57,

    I would be very grateful if you could also send me the link for Nutri-melds Adrenal Cortex. I tried NA many times ,but end up stopping after a day or two, even 1 or 1/2 tablet makes my blood pressure go up and feel very hot. Thanks


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