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Being prescribed t3

My GP wrote to an endo for advice re my thyroid swinging from under to over and back again since having my baby 16 months ago. He wrote back saying he didn't think there was much point me seeing him?! However has suggested I try some T3 along with the levothyroxine, although there's little evidence that this will make much difference!

Just wondering what other people thought or if anyone has found that t3 has helped please.

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Sounds like you might have auto immune thyroid problems.. ( hashimotos). That can make you hyper and then hypo for a while. Has your doctor thought to check your antibodies?

No use trying to medicate to the swings up and down... Best option is to put you on a large enough dose of thyroid hormones so your tsh is low and the thyroid is not pushed to do any work.

T3, will probably help you to feel much better and it will reduce your tsh. So the next ine you see the doc he will panic and say you are over medicated. ( You will need to reel off the signs of hyperthyroidism and a sure him you don't have any of them)

How much t3 is the doc prescribing?

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Tiredchick, there is evidence that some patients do better on T4+T3 combination than T4 only. I was very unwell on T4 only and had dreadful side effects and FT3 was below range. T3 seems to calm the side effects T4 only caused me and my FT3 is good now.

How much have you been prescribed?


Doctors and endos always say that because they Don't really want to prescribe it. It's expensive! But the majority of people find T3 helps them in ways T4 never could. And, if it doesn't work for you, you just stop it! BUT another thing they do is to put you on such a small dose that it really won't help at all, and then they can say, there, I told you so! You need to be on a high enough dose for long enough to know if it helps or not. Two weeks on 5 mcg just isn't going to do anything! So, how much has he given you? And how much levo are you taking? I agree, you do need your antibodies tested. It could explain a lot.


I'm not allowed on the t3 till my next blood test in mid June. I had my dose adjusted from 150 to 125, but was still overmedicated, so I've been on 100 for the last 6 weeks. The GP didn't just want to guess at a dose, as she wants to see what the lowered med reading is, then prescribe accordingly. I'm not sure why the endocrinologist didn't actually want to see me? He just said there was room for improvement on my meds


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