T3 prescribed

Hello all,

Went for my endo appt...more in hope than expectation - but after some spirited discussion about NDT, he agreed to write to GP to Prescribe T3.

He listened to me...appeared genuinely sympathetic to my frustrations on T4 only therapy and said he felt I'd struggled enough and wanted to work with me to find a solution!

It's only a trial, and don't know if it's too early to give him a massive thumbs up...but so far he is on my Christmas list! 😀

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  • Sounds like a good strategy 😊 I hope he continues to be supportive. Is he on the list of sympathetic Endo's?

    Do get him added if not 😊 He seems to be offering what all Endo's and GP's should.

  • Where do you find that list??

  • Will do,..😀

  • Please can you send me the list of sympathetic endos, thank you!

  • Great news

    Treasure him!

  • And I'd like that list too please!

  • You can contact Louise Warville from Thyroid UK at louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org.uk for the list of sympathetic endo's and/or GPs or to add people or feedback negative experience.

  • have a look at stopthethyroidmadness.com site... interest info on T3

  • Thank you...really interesting...particularly about t3 and intolerance to exertion...for the past two years any attempt I've made at excercise has resulted in me being wiped out for days...and muscle/tendon pain has been constant. I may need to revisit my nutrition/supplement regime to make sure I don't get negative results to t3 because I'm wiped out in other areas...many thanks

  • Congratulations! Always nice to hear about positive experiences.

  • Many thanks all...I've been in a bit of a state of disbelief, knowing most have had a real hard slog getting t3, I'm still half waiting for the punchline 😀

    I was taken aback and can't even remember how much or when, so will let you all know once I get gp appt.

    One thing I did note with the endo...I started off wanting to talk about ndt, which was an interesting discussion 😊 I think this may have given him some wriggle room to meet me halfway with T3...not sure what response if I'd gone in asking for t3

    Really want to say thanks to the amazing contributors here...without info you bring forward I would never have had the confidence to go for this.

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