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T3 prescribed by endo!


Hi all,

Just thought I’d update you briefly. I saw the endo last night and he agreed that it seem I have a conversion issue. I could have cried. I went armed with all my blood results for the last few years. He said he thought that I had an autoimmune issue that caused my thyroid to stop functioning properly.

He has said in my area the CCG have agreed to fund T3 replacement when initiated by a specialist. Whether my GP prescribes it, well we shall see! I am to start on 10mcg of T3 and reduce my levo to 125mcg. A trial of 6months to see if it helps. If it does then it will be a long term prescription. In his experience 2/3 of people respond well. I hope I am one of those!

Thank you to everyone for all the advice. I think he was surprised at how well informed I was 😛

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That’s fantastic! Happy for you 😊🦋

Hi........well done you. That must be such a relief for you. I am in exactly the same position as you. Seeing my GP with my blood results which reflect poor conversion. What area do you come from? Thanks Mandy

Slappiduck in reply to Mandy2007

Hi, I am in Hampshire. Specifically West Hampshire CCG


Great news I hope the T3 does the job for you, keep us posted,

Can I ask what levels your blood tests T3 T4 and antibodies were showing for the Endo to reach this conclusion ?

Slappiduck in reply to Hidden

Hi Haze1234. My results for the last 4 years have shown low T3 everytime bar 2. I was pregnant twice during this time so had a lot of blood tests! My T4 was always just borderline low/normal. My antibodies were normal apparently, but my nutritionist says that any antibodies being present can be a red flag. I can’t remember the specific levels but will dig out my results if I can find them. I am sure I put them on a previous post so you might be able to search them?


Did you get T3 prescription or has it been ignored? Thanks I’ll search your posts

Hi, just to let you know the GP has issued the prescription! However it will take a few days to get into the chemist as it’s a special order and I’m going away tomorrow

I start tomorrow! Any recommendations on time to take it? Any side effects?

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