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Normal T3 and T4, low TSH. Advice please?

Hi, I'm a newbie. I went to the docs 2wks ago and had lots of blood tests. I was told I have Vit D deficiency and have been given tablets to take daily. I was also told my thyroid levels, T3 and T4 were normal but my TSH was low. My doc wouldn't say too much as she is apparently waiting for the Thyroid Antibodies test to come back, but she mentioned auto immune disesase and possible removal of my Thyroid. I also have a Goitre which I have had for around 20 yrs. Could anyone explain what any of this is/what it means please , as I am driving myself mad with worry :-(. I am also awaiting results for Dairy allergy and Coeliac. My main symptoms are extreme fatigue, depression/anxiety, muscle ache and pain esp in back/neck, blocked sinuses and ears and giddiness (very long term issue).

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without the actual figures and reference ranges for tests we simply cannot tell

low d3

low ferritin


low b12 all run with hypothyroid

but seems your GP is suggesting you have an overactive thyroid


She said my thyroid was normal and was def not overactive. I am overweight , dry skin, dry/brittle hair . I don't have the numbers as was not told them because she said they were all normal. Just TSH that wasn't.


Your symptoms indicate UNDERACTIVE and with a low TSH its probably hypopituarity /central hypothyroid

Its vital that you ALWAYS ask for the actual figures and reference ranges so that you can monitor things yourself

"normal " means absolutely zilch which is why we need the numbers

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I will be ringing tomorrow again to see if the other results are back, so I will ask what the numbers/results were if I can. Otherwise I am not seeing my doctor until next week. What happens if the doctor says it's all normal and not underactive, but then I give the numbers on here and am told something different/the opposite ? Am new to all this and also have new doctors as we moved areas 18mths ago and this is the third doc of seen who has actually listened and done anything at all ? I am also Type 2 diabetic on Metformin - I don't know if that affects anything?

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Welcome to the forum, Witchybooklover.

Ask your GP receptionist or practice manager for a copy of your results with the lab ref ranges and post them in a new question for advice.

Low TSH with normal FT4 and FT3 is euthyroid (normal).

High TSH with normal FT4 and FT3 is hypothyroid (underactive).

Low TSH with high FT4 and FT3 is hyperthyroid (overactive).

Your GP may be thinking of thyroidectomy to remove your goitre if it is, or may, impact on nearby organs. Otherwise removal of healthy thyroid glands is only done when anti-thyroid drugs fail to re-regulate overactive thyroids.

We're not medically qualified so can only give opinions based on personal experience and research. However, our collective knowledge of thyroid is huge, vastly more than a lot of GPs, and we can often point to research and documents which may allow a doctor to rethink a decision IF there is ambiguity in the interpretation of results.


Hi & welcome witchybl - sorry you're here 'tho.

You were told TSH was low & other levels normal but you have a goitre - this tends to happen when more hormone is needed - the body is clever & tries to compensate.

Hashimotos it's the most common autoimmune type of thyroid trouble - antibodies are created after an effort to control gland function - which meantime can display both underactive (hypo) and overactive (hyper) symptoms as your Thyroid gets attacked..

with apologies, you're diabetic - you probably know this already.

Vitamin D - not something to be underestimated - could be (like me & many others) that supplementing helps - well it took me at least 3 months - worse to start 'tho.

(Vit A, magnesium & K2 are also needed in the equation, there's more, like iron)

Can't help but think, in back of my mind. it could be pituitary-realated?

Sorry I have not read enough over the last 5 years to be more specific....


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