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Trying to find a good GP in Ipswich

HI, I'm desperately trying to find a good GP in east Ipswich who understands thyroid conditions and will prescribe natural thyroid. No one at my current heath care centre understands at all and I've been refused an appointment based on "normal blood results" even through my levels are worse than when I was diagnosed 20 years ago and all my symptoms have returned. (breathlessness, high blood pressure, low pulse, achy joints, exhaustion, my speech is slurring by the end of the day and I'm forgetting what I'm saying mid sentence! I used to see a very good GP who worked with me over the last few year to get my levels right. He left and about 2 years ago my dosage was cut in half as I was "over medicated" due to test results, my old doctor kept my TSH below 0.04 now it is 4.5. I'm really struggling at the moment and would be grateful for help in finding a good doctor.


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Have you tried putting a complaint in writing with a copy to the Practice Manager? I found this to be effective especially as I wanted to be referred to an Endo of my choice and my wish was granted.


thank you , I'm defiantly going to send a written complaint, I think its awful that the doctor won't even listen to my symptoms. I want to change gp's as I hate the system for appointments at this practice, its dangerous.


I'm afraid Suffolk is lacking in doctors who will prescribe NDT or understand its value. I live in Suffolk too and get my NDT from a private doctor (from the ThyroidUK list) who I visited in London, but I report back my blood tests and recent medical symptoms by email or phone.

A few months ago someone here produced an interesting spreadsheet which showed thyroid prescriptions all over the UK. That showed several prescriptions for Armour in various parts of Essex, but nothing being prescribed in Suffolk (or Norfolk). My guess is that there may be an endo at Colchester hospital who is prepared to prescribe Armour and knows enough about it to supervise it.

Hope you find someone helpful. Can you get a referral to Ipswich hospital endos? They will prescribe T3 and fine tune it.


Thanks, I do take t3 as well as t4, the gp half both. I id see an endo at ipswich hospital about 18 years ago as gp was worried about the t3 that the private doctor who diagnosed me prescribed. He was a diabetic specialist and said with a tsh of 4.9 and a t4 of 9 I was not hypothyroid and should be on treatment, but did eventually agree to keep treatment as it was.


After 18 years is it worth going back to the hospital? The consultants may have changed since you went. Ipswich hospital department is joint diabetes and endocrinology but you could try asking to see an endocrinologist.

That T4 seems rather low for someone on treatment and TSH too high. Make sure you have your blood tests as soon as poss in the morning and don't take your medication until after the blood test - (usual comments on this forum!).


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