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Looking for a good GP or Endo in Brentwood

Dear Thyroid People

I have been diagnosed by hypothyroidism but I feel that my GP is only judging a very complex problem just by looking at my blood results.

I have asked several GPs at the practice I belong, but struggling to find a doctor who prescribes Armour Thyroid - the natural alternative. I am totally against levothyroxine, but at the moment I have no other option but to take it my results are so bad. Would you be able to advise me a name of good GP in Brentwood or an endocrinologist?

Any help is so much appreciated - I am a mum of two under two, I can not afford to feel so low on energy :) Please inbox me.

Many thanks xx

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Lilla, NDT and Armour aren't licensed for use in the UK and for this reason many GPs and endocrinologists won't prescribe it and most people using it buy it online and self medicate.

Levothyroxine works well for most people when they are adequately dosed. Can you post your thyroid results with lab ref ranges and how much Levo you are taking and we'll have a look.

It's also important to have ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate tested. We need these to be high in range. Fatigue and low energy can be caused by vitamin deficiency.



I'm unable to access private messages at the moment. Could you please repost the information here on the public board. You will get better advice this way and if I give you poor advice someone will correct it.


Thank you :) I inboxed you with the details.


Thank you for your reply. Here are the values

TSH, 26.79 (0.35 - 5.5)

serum free T4, 8.6 (10-19.8)

I am not sure why but the T3 values are not on my results. I would have thought they are testing for these also, but its not on my paper work...

I am taking 25 microgr Levo at the moment, I think its the smallest dose.

Let me have your thoughts, sounds like you are very familiar with the subject... ;)


ps. I am taking Pregnacare as I am bf, so i would have thought b12 is ok, but thanks for tip - will check if these levels were tested at my first test


Go back to your doctor and ask for your thyroxine to be raised. With those results you should probably have been started on 50mcg and raised every 6 weeks or so until your TSH has reduced to approx 1.

You can purchase thyroid-s from Thailand online at a very modest price.


Hey LillO, I went to DR. Khan, but I would NOT recommend him, I was sooo sick, goitre feeling like, well, death! I went to Nuffield and he was almost flippant. He really offered no suggestions and I went private, glad I did because I have at least a starting point, but I wouldn't go back. Hope that helps honey. At least you know who NOT to go to. X x x


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