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For my endo too prescribe a private script for me foe wp he wants to know what percentage of t4 and t3 is in each grain too write on the perscription ...I take 4. 1/2 grains a day so ideally if like to be able to present him with the percentage in the 4 grains...but don't know where to fine this information..any help would help enormously

Many thanks


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Tanyaking, Your doctor should prescribe 4.5 x 65mg WP tablets. One grain (65mg) WP contains 38mcg T4 and 9mcg T3.


just a little thought , if your endo--'specialist' -- is ASKING you what the meds consist of [ exact ingredients & quantities ] that would raise immediate concerns for me , the main 1 being the HE should be the professional - he should have the training - he should have the knowledge === and if he hasn't HE would have to check out for his own self . in my personal opinion ANY one from the medical profession that blindly prescribes meds to a patient without knowing the consequencies and possible outcomes is nothing short of a snake oil salesman -----if he dosnt know whats in the meds how could he manage your further treatment - after all the meds can and are going to effect YOU one way or the other . as I say this is just my personal opinion ....alan x


Alan, Tanya's doctor has asked for information about WP before prescribing (presumably at Tanya's request) because UK doctors are NOT taught about NDT at med school.


clutter , point taken ,but, I feel that it is the doctors responsibility to know/find out this information before ever prescribing ---- what if the patient had made a mistake in their info and the doctor had prescribed on that basis ?....alan x


Thank you clutter,my Endo wrote too my dr to prescribe wp and she did but I only had the details of the one grain ones and as I now take 5 grains a day they are only lasting a few weeks so I need to find out the consonants of the 4 grains and she will write that on the prescription for me when I see her on Monday....and my follow up with my Endo is July..... I feel extremely blessed after 24 years of hell with thyroxine I'm able too get support with NDT... Xxx


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