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Natural way I hope!

I am on 75 mcg of levo and because of lack of advice from doctor I am now researching of how my body responds to supplements etc. This site has been a great help to understanding hypo as it is so complex. I leave 2 hours from taking levo to my breakfast and 4 + hours to taking supplements. I take selenium with vit e, time released vit c, defatted beef liver for iron,green foods powder,b12 with complex.I am considering vit d3 but hoping this summer sunshine will give me vit d naturally! I also take a good probiotic with each meal,and trying to cut down to hopefully cut out bread. I also take protein powder with yogurt twice a day. By doing this for the last few days I seem to have more energy and less brain fog and memory a bit clearer. The probiotics I hope will heal my intestines as I read that a healthy gut leads to a healthy body. It is early days yet and maybe someone else has tried this after all the doctors keep treating the symptoms and not the cause. There must be a natural answer hopefully? I am 75 yrs old. My it grieves me to read how so many people are suffering. God bless you all and I will post again with any progress or setbacks as I am sure we help one another with our personal testimonies

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Welcome to the forum, Win_4ever.

B12 and vitD levels drop in hypothyroid patients and as we age so it's good to have a blood test before supplementing to ensure sufficient dose is taken.

If you have tested and want to check whether levels are optimal members will be happy to advise if you post the results.


Will do that, thanx


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