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Myocarditis - thyroid related?

I just got out of hospital after a week in cardiology with a heavy case of myocarditis, now on a beta-blocker & ACE inhibitor to keep me real slow so the heart can recover. Cause was never established but it hurt real bad, troponin levels were high and pulse rate was 130, now 72. I had thyroidectomy 25 years ago and only in the last year shifted my treatment away from T4 to T4/T3 and now NDT which started at 4 grains but I reduced to 3 grains (thyroid s). Bit of a yo-yo but now stable. Any ideas anybody on connecting the dots between heart infection and thyroid replacement? Is there any? The cardiology consultant looked my NDT and we talked about T3 and he was completely non-plussed by it. It might be all unrelated but in 24 years of T4 only I never had a heart issue at all.

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Leroi, that must have been frightening and painful, I hope you recover soon.

I'm surprised a cardiologist was non-plussed about T3, many are in favour of T3 for heart issues.

I don't think there is a connection between NDT and heart infection:

One feature that distinguishes myocarditis from other causes of heart failure is that it often follows an upper respiratory or gastrointestinal infection and is due to a specific immune response against the heart itself.



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