Any of this thyroid related?

I have been having this first symptom for some time but I was hoping it would go away. So far as I know I don't have arthritis, but for some reason, just before it rains outside my hips ache a lot - and it's very vicelike sensation as if something is squeezing me there. My partner jokes that I should be a fortune teller as whenever my hips hurt it rains a few minutes later. So weird!

My scalp has also been very sensitive when I brush it. I don't have a comfortable brush anyway but it never used to be anywhere near as painful as it is now.

Also I've been waking up each morning with a stuffy nose, but I have no cold. Sometimes the stuffy noise is so bad it doesn't clear up until mid afternoon. This has been going on for quite some time.

With regards to the neck swelling the area over the right side of my thyroid is more swollen than the other. This I'm sure would be classed as a thyroid nodule but if I have raised anti-TPO antibodies that doesn't sound right. Also I've read somewhere else that a goitre caused by hashimoto's is longitudinal. Wouldn't that mean that it's longer on one side?

Any help is appreciated.


Jo xxx

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Hi jo853

Joint pain may be caused by low levels I get extremely sore ankles ( yeah sounds as odd as your hips) painful enough to stop me sleeping as there is nothing I can do to stop the pain when my levels are low

If they go too low then my wrists then my shoulders in that order

Why only parts of me. & not others I don't know

The other symptoms the sore head. & stuffy nose are also possibly related to your low levels

Don't worry too much about the shape of the goitre :-) they can be as different as faces

Mine was a round shape in the middle & I had multiple nodules that were benign

My personal goitre was growing around my wind pipe so it was removed 5 mths ago so I'm still trying to get my levels right

Hope this helped

Hi Fed_up, thanks for your answer. Yes, it's helped a lot. My wrists get very achy and my shoulders have been hurting too, but my hips have been aching - not constantly - but on and off throughout the day and gets worse just before it rains.

I check in the mirror in case I see any bald patches as I know a sore scalp could be related to hair loss but because my hair is naturally blonde and very flyaway it's difficult to tell.

My throat has also been feeling as though it's internally thick/inflamed but no hoarse voice. But yes, stuffy nose definitely gets me down as I only get 2 colds a year. I've been lucky this time (touch wood as there aren't many days left in the year!) and I keep thinking one day I'm going to get caught out. I also seemed to avoid my boyfriend's cold!


Jo xxx

The test for celiac, is not a a curate test, you may be intolerant to this? X

hi Jo - just a quick reply for the moment. Yes re hip pain and yes re scalp. I was told I had weather sensitivity when I was only 6 years old as I couldn't hold a pencil on wet days but was quite a prolific scribbler otherwise. Think there has been a hip pain post here in the last few days and one re scalp.

Can't answer your goitre query

S x

Hi Sarah, no worries. Your answer helped lots.


Jo xxx

Hi Jo As far as I remember you have had the other closely associated autoimmune,hormonal test,also D ( hormonal) and iron/ferritin. Diabetes can make the skin hypersensitive.Arthritis, various froms, are autoimmune conditions. Really the only way to check that is with a rheumy.

However, I think you do need the T3, as previously discussed. Also, it is too short a time, for you. since being diagnosed. it can take a really long time to be OK and there are often blimps along the way


Hi Jackie, thanks for your reply.

Diabetes so far as I know has come back negative. I think I had the HbA1c test done along with the autoimmune profiling and I heard nothing back about that, so I can only presume I don't have diabetes. GP has also said I don't have diabetes despite it being in the family.

Rheumatoid factor has been tested some time ago, came back clear, so I don't know what else.

When you mention I need the T3, do you mean the test or medication? I had FT3 done recently and it was 5.5 (3.1-6.8)


Jo xxx

Hi Jo, That FT3 is fine, unless the T4 is too high, more than just in top third of range.

Diabetes with thyroid D needs testing annually any way. still can appear suddenly as mine did. Next time get your result as if borderline they say fine, if borderline you should have a diabetic diet.

I know my prof, Rheumy does not think too much of the tests. I find him a great help, he also specialises in Sjogrens which I have, causes painful joints but also dry eyes and throat? it is lack of fluid basically all over the body.

I do think the hips need looking at , I have never found orthos much use though.It could be thyroid but your treatment seems OK. It could also be B12, my Endo likes it really high in range., D but I think you ruled that out.Have you had a low Xray of your spine?Really an MRI is much better too.

I would see what the Endo thins, if you are sure he/she is good? I think you said that you were going in Jan.?

I assume you have had basic bloods done for infection and inflamation?

Best wishes,


Hi Jo853, I too get bad aches in my legs and arms before it rains,I've had this since I was a child,it could be the hottest of days yet as soon as my aches appear I know it's going to rain,I wear tubi grips or thick socks,a bit difficult for you with your aches in your hips,Hope you find a solution to your problems,Bev.

Hi Bev!! Thanks for your reply.

I had very bad pains in my hips for years, mainly in my right and that was due to iliopsoas tendinitis. One of the tendons in my hip got caught in my hip socket back in 2002 and it took my former GP not 8, but 9 -- yes 9 --- years to get it sorted. I was on painkillers galore for it, not all the time but quite often and I would be on nurofen, then paracetamol and then eventually co-codamol. I was walking around work like a zombie!

Eventually I had an operation done to release the tendon from where it was caught - the consultant I spoke to at the follow-up said it was lucky I chose for them to operate (it was an elective procedure so I could either opt in or opt out) because so much of the tendon had been frayed from the constant snapping and catching.

I did think it was a return of the tendinitis but when it happened in my other hip I had my doubts. I spoke to my new GP about it some time ago, she couldn't find a link between that and the Hashi's. Now I think that there is.

I've been wearing thermal leggings as they're brilliant at promoting circulation to the joints. I've had them for just over a year and despite them being put in the wash they've lasted and still worked.

I haven't had so much problems with my arms or legs but my leg was quite crampy this morning. No idea why but it hasn't come back. I wear thick socks as my feet get cold very quickly - my boyfriend jokes that I radiate as much heat as a corpse. Nice! :D

Thanks for your help and I hope your aches and pains go away soon.

Jo xxx

Ouch,it made me cringe when I read about your hip! Keep those thermals on!!! Bev x

Yes it's all your thryroid... what's your temperature? simple test..... if it's low you're hypo

It could also be low vitamin B12 or Vitamin D which BOTH give nerve and muscle pain .. so make sure you supplement them especially the D

AND go to yoga.. because it's good for stress and it's the stress that makes all of this worse the whole auto-immune response is stress triggered so yoga will stretch you out as well as calm you down.. Important life-style change on the road to getting better.. don't even think of treating your joint problems separately.. I had awful knees for years and have no pain at all now my medication is right..

Hi Redditch, thanks for your reply. My temperature has been very high lately, at around 37 or 37.2.

Vitamin B12 is within range at 363 (180-900). GP is planning on putting me on Vitamin D supplements as that was low.

I've never thought about going to yoga - I did pilates for a short time but that was done through a private osteopath when I had hip tendinitis. I'm quite bendy so it didn't really suit me. But yoga...if my local health centre has that on offer I'll give it a try.


Jo xxx

OK well you're not Hypo because your temp isn't low but low vitamin D will give you all of your symptoms.. GP will probably give you Adcal 800IU which is a waste of time if you want to feel better faster, get 5000IU Vitamin D3 and take for a month so you only need a pot of 30 tabs... I guarantee you will feel much much better...

Also.. your B12 is far too low.. forget the ranges, they were set in 1953 for healthy adults.. you are not a healthy adult, you're a poorly poppet, and it's not 1953 ergo you don't eat a 1953 diet.. Therefore you should be looking at a level around 800 of B12 to be on top form..

If you can eat eggs.. then eat 2 a day for a month.. soon sort out your iron issues if you have any of those...

I was amazed when I started taking vitamain D3 5000IU.. it made an immediate difference

If you can't afford it.. Private Message me and I'll send you 30 for a christmas present..

Good Luck

Hi, not sure but I have recently been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, (suspected secondary as low TSH and low in other hormones controlled by pituitary). I have had some joint pain, in particular sacroiliac joint (I originally described it as hip pain until the osteopath put me right), and now my knees. Also I have had a very stuffed up nose that feels like some swelling (no cold symptoms) that has been getting steadily worse over the last few months. I asked about stuffed nose and hypothyroidism and some people replied and said it could be a symptom. I have been taking 25 ug of levo for about seven weeks now and not noticed any change in any of my symptoms, but I guess it is early days.

Hi In TheMoment, thanks for your reply.

I had sacroiliac joint pain myself and that was what my private osteopath told me. Eventually I had a hip tendon release as one of my tendons got caught in my socket and would snap/catch.

It is early days I agree. I've only been diagnosed with hypothyroidism since May this year and people keep telling me I look fine.

Good luck with your meds - you will get there I promise. :)

Jo xxx

It could be gout, or wheat and gluten intolerance. Allergies gives you a stuffy nose even without a cold. Gout can cause painful hips, toes, arms and so forth. The possibility low vitamin D and b12 are also suspected her. I having similar issues that come and go. Xx

Hi Merissa, thanks for your reply.

Gout has been ruled out and although wheat and gluten intolerance is still uncertain I had an autoimmune profile done for coeliac. Heard nothing from the GP about that.

The stuffy nose thing I've had for as long as I can remember and it happens no matter where I sleep or how I sleep - but it always happens upon waking.

Vitamin D is 43.6 (<75) and Vitamin B12 is within range at 363 (180-900).


Jo xxx

I have the sensitive scalp and hair loss. Also the blocked nose which is getting much worse since the Eltroxin has been changed to the generic version. All my symptoms are worse since I have been on the generic version.

I do not think the pain in my bones is related. That is probably my age and wear and tear.


Have been back on Levo 2 weeks and hip pain back. Usually at night, sometimes wakes me & makes it difficult to get back to sleep. Walked further than usual today & hips were sore on way back. I've no RA markers.

Scalp is tender but i can be a bit impatient and brutal combing through.

I blame all my other ills on levo :(

Hi Clutter, thanks for your reply.

I've had hip pain as bad as that when it wakes you from sleep - it's terrible isn't it.

My hips would also get sore if I did a lot of walking but even when I don't do any walking at all it still happens. I too have no RA markers.

Scalp is more sore when it's dry and washed - no problems when it's wet and I'm drying it. So strange.

Hope you feel better soon. :)

Jo xxx

Hi Myrna, thanks for your reply.

The sensitive scalp issue has recently developed but when I check my hair in the mirror I can't see any hair loss at all. But because my hair is dark blonde and quite flyaway it's hard to tell.

I hope the aches and pains for me aren't age - I'm 28! :o


Jo xxx

hi jo

Yes to the stuffy nose in the morning and it lasts as you say most of the day. Very annoying. I have hashimotos so i guess there is an association.

hope you are being looked after by a good endo or gp. happy xmas

Hi Bella!!!

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I'm being looked after by a very good GP who understands my illness and I've also been referred to an endo so everything is going in the right direction. It's just all this going on at the moment!!

Happy xmas to you too!! :) :)

Jo xxx

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