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Hi everyone, I am thinking of trying g armour as I feel the nutri thyroid 130mg is not strong enough, I had my bloods done in april by blue horizon, results are:

T s h 87.5 range 0.27 -4.2

T4 24 range 59-154

Free thyroxine 3.3 range12 -22

Throglobulin antibodies. 523 range. 0 -115

Peroxide antibodies 399 range 0 -34

I realise these levels are high, Dr. Peatfield said to carry on with nutrimeds thyroid health up to 5 a day, but I feel I would like to try armour even if I need to pay for it. Any advice is greatly appreciated x

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Very odd, had dr P seen these results? You are clearly in need of replacement thyroid hormones, because your thyroid isn't going to get better. due to the raised antibodies.

As far as I am aware nutri thyroid supplements your vits and minerals so your thyroid can work better, but if your thyroid is being killed off then how will that work?

Have you tried taking levothyroxine, It works absolutely fine for a significant proportion of people. The 15% for whom levo des not work properly find their way to forums like this one. Levo worked brilliantly for me for about 12 years. During this time I never thought to join a forum or seek help, as far as I was concerned it was a wonder drug. Definitely worth you trying it. And if dr p hasn't seen these results, send him a copy.

Xx. G


Thanks Galathea yes dr p has seen the results I went to see him in March this year, I agree with you that I need something else I guess I was put off thyroxine due to negative feed back, thought I May just go straight onto armour but I guess I could try thyroxine. Thanks for the reply.


Maro, TSH 87.5 is very high and your total T4 is very low. You are overtly hypothyroid. Nutri-Thyroid is a thyroid supplement but doesn't contain any active hormone so won't replace your low thyroid hormone. I advise seeing your NHS GP who, I feel sure, will prescribe Levothyroxine immediately.

TSH >20 can impair driving reactions more than being over the drink drive limit so please drive with extreme caution.

I'll delete your duplicate post.


Thank you clutter, yes my kids say I drive like a 90 year old but apart from the usual fatigue and a bit down I feel surprisingly well, I have just ordered armour as I'm reluctant to take thyroxineThanks again.


Clutter do you think I should try armour and see how I get on , I have read about t3 but am unsure if I need it also can I start armour even if I have probe with adrenals, I'm a bit confused as to what to deal with or can I treat thyroid and adrenals simultaneously. Thanks for reading


Maro, If Dr.P isn't treating your adrenals why do you think you have a problem? I really don't know much about adrenals but I have observed Dr. P advised patients with adrenal problems to support adrenals with NutriAdrenal or NutriAdrenal Extra for a couple of weeks before starting thyroid replacement and to continue with adrenal and thyroid replacement. Armour contains thyroxine and T3.


Dr p said my adrenals were affected ( I dare not say " fatigued"! ) so he recommended nutri adrenals which I am taking, I'm a bit disappointed that he just said to carry on with nutri thyroid even though as you say it doesn't contain any replacement hormone. Anyhow I'll see how I get on with armour. Thanks for advice.


Maro, why don't you contact Dr. P's office for guidance. You've been following his protocol for several months, he won't have expected you to follow it forever.


Clutter, I did write to him as he requested with an update so I'm just waiting to hear from him.


you need actual hormone at TSH 87! Although TSH is flawed 87 is significant!

Why not go down the usual route & try Levo (NHS if UK) or Synthroid USA...? worth trying for most folk (85%).

As an alternative, if nutri T is tollerated well it can be a pre-cursor to trying actual NDT - good luck J:D


Thanks sparerib, it's just not knowing which way to go, but I know I have to start somewhere! I have Levo which g.p prescribed but dr p seemed to be against it so I've stuck with nutri thyroid but don't think it's strong enough. Many thanks for reply.


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