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Adrenal test results


Just had my results from Genova and I would be most grateful if anyone has had similar test results and if you managed to receive any medical help I know the NHS don't acknowledge adrenal fatigue only failure.

I'm seeing an endo privately who has just contacted me to take a test for Haemochromatosis I really dont know if my adrenals are bad enough to warrant treatment so to be on the safe side I've bought Nutri Adrenal She has prescribed NDT but as yet Im feeling little benefit so wonder if I should advise her of this test

My results are

Sample 1 8a.m. 6.00 RANGE 5.56 - 22.20 (just in with this one)

Sample 2 12midday 1.80 2.45 8.12 (Below)

Sample 3 4pm 2.30 1.54 5.56 Above

Sample 4 11pm 1 1.17 3.18 Below

They are nearly all along the yellow line or below

Sample 2 am DHEA 0.11 Range 0.25-2.22

Sample 3p.m. 0.06 - 0.25 -2.22 Both in the red

Total cortisol 11.1

DHEA mean 0.09

DHEA cortisol ratio 0.8

thank you for reading and best wishes fo good health

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I am getting ready to have a saliva test for cortisol. I have tested high before. I'm not an expert but am reading _Wired and Tired_ by Marcelle Pick, with ways to overcome adrenal fatigue, which from your scores look to be in the moderate to severe range. The ideas are mostly about taking better care of yourself, such as regular meals, gentle but regular exercise, plenty of rest (at least 7-8 hrs of restful sleep per night), no processed sugar, white foods, alcohol, caffeine or gluten. Also big is destressing. One exercise is put your hand over heart, inhale and exhale deeply, think happy thoughts about someone you love, a place or activity you love. Spend at least 15 minutes a day on just you.


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