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Adrenal Stress Profile comments?

I have just had my adrenal stress profile results back and they are not as bad as I thought they would be, I am only out of range for sample 4. I am posting up if anyone might be able to pass informed comment. My DHEA is out of range but don't know what that means or what to do about it.

Sample 1 12.60 (5.56-22.2)

Sample 2 3.10. (2.45-8.12)

Sample 3. 2.60 (1.54-5.56)

Sample 4. 1.10 (1.17-3.18) low

DHEA sample 2 0.17 ( .25-2.22)

DHEA sample 3 0.10 (.25-2.22)

DHEA mean 0.14

DHEA: cortisol ratio 0.72

Might this explain why I feel ok during the day but like my battery is flat by evening?

I am on 30mg t3 daily

Advanced thanks for anyone who can help.

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Churchie, I'm sorry you haven't had any replies. Repost the question next week.


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