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D3 advice please

Thanks to everyone for their advice last time I posted. I have another query please.

Recently feeling much much better. Returned to Gp for review and to discuss blood results.

Tsh 5.1 previously 47

T4 not checked as tsh in range

Calcium 2.24 (2.2-2.6)

B12 433 (190-800)

Gp suggests vit d supplements so I have bought some d3. Is my calcium Ok? I realise that simply being in range may not be enough.

Also, do I need b12? If so, how much?

Thanks in advance.

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Did you have a D test too? How much D are you taking? Can you not get in the sun at lunchtime?

Try some sub-lingual methylcobalamin (easily absorbable B12, in a form the body can use easily) and see if you feel better.

TSH surely still too high?!

My memory is that calcium is kept by the body in a very tight range and I would think yours is fine.

Others no doubt will comment!


Thanks aspmama. I did have a vit d result but will post it tomorrow. Trying to get in the sun during the week is problematic.

It was only slightly low. I think that the tsh is high still but I have only been on medication for 6 weeks. Could it come down further? I feel well ish but still get achey legs when tired. Just starting to lose a bit of weight, sleeping a bit hit and miss. .still waking up for a couple of hours during the night.


It ought to come down further. But it's not the TSH itself that is the problem. The problem is that if you TSH is high, then your FT4 and FT3 are surely low, and it's that that's giving you symptoms - low T3. But the NHS, in it's ignorance, doesn't test for that.

When you are on thyroid hormone replacement, your TSH should be around one, or lower. Even so, the frees (T4 and T3) could still be too low for you. You definately do need an increase in Levo. And try and get your frees tested if you can - privately, if necessary.

Your B12 is too low. Anything below 500 can cause neuropathy but it's best up the top of the range. Take 1 or 2000 mcg a day sublingual methylcobalamin, with a B complex - containing methylfolate, if possible, rather than folic acid.

I Don't know if your calcium is considered low, but even if it is, supplementing with calcium tablets is not a good idea. It would be better to take vit D3 with magnesium, zinc and vit K2. That will raise your levels, and the K2 will make sure it goes into your bones and not your tissues. :)


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