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Saw endo and he was completley and utterly useless!

When I first saw him I knew the outcome wouldn't be good because he was quite old. He comfirmed I have hashimotos disease but he said (and these were his exact words) "I will not treat the symptoms and only go by blood tests" He absolutley refuses to try T3 and says it's because the uk thyroid association did a double blind study and it proved that T3 doesn't work. I tried to show him all the reasearch I don't which proved it was bs but he wouldn't even look at them.

I've rung my gp and said I wanted to speak to someone because I'm not happy but don't think it will do much good. THese stupid doctors are keeping me an other people ill! Why did they become docs in the first place if they didn't want to help?

Any advice? This is ruining mu life!

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Hypo101, I'm surprised a 'quite old' endo takes that attitude. Not much point of seeing an endo who only treats by blood results. Might as well save yourself the hassle of a hospital trip and let your GP do that.

Email for a list of endos recommended by members and ask your GP to refer you to one of them.

Not all endos will treat with T3. You can buy your own on the internet and see whether it helps you.


No need to be ageist the useless one I saw was quite young.


What an idiot!! How can any person within the medical profession say they don't treat symptoms just go by blood tests??!! It's complete madness. There must be a hell of a lot of sick people in this country, whatever they may be suffering from.

I'm done with all the so called medical people now. I've seen my GP and been passed to a private endo. I've been lucky as my GP let me choose my endo to be referred to and has played ball with my endo who prescribed t3 but drew the line at ndt (which I'm now on). However, I'm now done with docs as despite me having a good endo (and I say that compared to the vast majority), she still goes by blood tests and the tsh. I've now sourced my own ndt and hoping it alone. It's very scary but what options are we left with? In my mind we have two choices, go by what the docs say and be bound by blood test results and remain ill, or help yourself and get better. I wouldn't have said this 6 months ago, I played ball with everyone and did as I was told but remained ill so I've taken my health into my own hands.

Research, research, get anyone who loves and cares about you to research, research some more, ask questions on as many forums as you can, research some more and then hopefully you will reach the point where you need to be!!

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The change will come in the end - could take years - from the States. Partly the problem must be that so many more women than men are affected by hypo. And doctoring has been dominated at the top by men from the beginning - and I would think consultant endos are still mainly male. That's my generation in charge, and the men of my generation are deeply, instinctively chauvinist (I know there are exceptions), brought up in all male public and grammar schools, all male Oxbridge colleges, all male clubs, which I suspect the medical specialism societies were when they began in medicine, and talked to each other at all male sporting events.

They don't get hypo themselves. If women dominated at the top, a good percentage of the top consultants would have hypo themselves, and they would be re-thinking the evidence. What some male consultants clearly think is that women are looking for a medical excuse for their inability to stop eating.

In the States I think women have done better faster, they may change things.


Also as in my case, symptoms increase or additional ones present around menopause years.

I know my symptoms are a result of inadequate thyroid meds but generally most docs and endos just put it down to the menopause.

Perhaps woman endos would show a little more understanding.



I'm now on my fourth Endo and while not quite as bad as this one sounds I've lost all respect for a good proportion of them. A trained monkey could sit behind a desk and treat by numbers on a lab sheet. I'd be totally ashamed of myself as a medical professional to admit I was doing that. I would definitely ask to see a different one.


Just had bloods back from yesterday and my tsh is .12 and both my free t4 and t3 are in the top end range.

Today I'm sweating yet skin is freezing cold, headache, dizzy, feeling sick and runny nose again.


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