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What is the optimal level of Holotranscobalamin (active B12) and optimal serum B12?

I couldn't find the answer to this question.

I sent an enquiry to The Weston Price Foundation.

This is their answer:

"per Sally Fallon

Whatever is the kind of B12 they test for, that should be near 1000.

That means that the optimal level of B12 in blood should be near 1000 and HoloTC also around 1000?

Current TDL lab ranges:

Active B12 pmol/L 25.1 - 165.0

Red cell folate nmol/L 285.4 - 1474.7

These are the new ranges from March 2015

Are there any studies showing side effects from taking too much of B12.?

I have Hashimoto, hypothyroidism and recently said hello to Pernicious Anemia.

I know that they are all related. Has anybody achieved an optimal health in a similar situation using a functional medicine practitioner and self knowledge?

Thanks for your feedback.


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Welcome to the forum, 007999.

Serum B12 1,000 is recommended. Active B12 >35 means there is little likelihood of B12 deficiency.

As you have been diagnosed with PA you need lifelong B12 injections as PA means you are unable to produce your own B12.

You won't overdose on B12. It is water soluble and excess is excreted in urine. Some PA patients supplement methylcobalamin sublingual lozenges and sprays in between injections which aren't always frequent enough.

Click on My Communities and select +Browse and type Pernicious Anaemia into the search box to find the HU PASOC site which will advise on PA and B12 deficiency.



That response appears to come from someone who has no idea about Active B12. Given the Active 12 test has been available in the UK and parts of Europe for some time, and only recently and at a limited level in the USA, that is not surprising. It is disappointing though that the responder didn't check before writing that.


My b12 was in the lower half of the reference so I took sublingual b12 - the methylcobalamin which also had chromium and green tea extract. I had pernicious anemia antibodies. Taking the b12 sublingual worked really well. My b12 got to the top of the range and my pernicious anemia antibodies were negative compared to 2 times being positive before the methyl...b12. since then I read about an experiment for a tongue problem in china i think where they used sub b12 methyl...and by accident they realised that it can reverse pernicious anemia. As you know hypothyroid frog brain means that I might have got some of this wrong about the china research/experiment. Hope this helps :)


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