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b12 levels high and serum ALT

Had my bloods results today for vitamins and others.....

d2 + d3 80nmol/L 75-200nmol/L optimal

serum folate 14.0ug/L 4.6-18.7

feritin 47ug/L 13-150

serum vit b12 790ng/L (191-663) abnormal

i take 1000 mcg b12 ...think i should stop taking them

my serum ALT level 56u/L (9-52) abnormal

will be filed as :56u/L

bilirubin is 8umol/L (3-22)

alkaline phosphatase 66 u/L 30-126

serum total protein 69g/L 63-82

serum albumin 44g/L (35-50

i am also over weight, can b12 cause a elavation? or can the alt level cause b12 to be high?

what can i do about these high levels? Does hypothyroidism cause abnormal alt levels to raise?

Can i do anything diet wise to help?

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Hi,, firstly I think you've done well to get those levels up nicely,, I'd say that's a good vitamin d level but don't let it drop cos from my experience it can drop quickly if you stop supplement. As for b12 , I'm no expert but why stop? It's only bit over, perhaps taper it back slightly, say take couple days a week off. Alt can be high in healthy people, I believe your doc will look at your bloods in context and decide if there's anything worth noting but I certainly wouldn't panic. Chat to your doc about it but be careful if they say you can stop your supplements,, I've done that before and watched my d plummet again.. how did you get your folate up that nicely,, I've just been told I'm low..only 3 so been given pills to take.


Ian, I was prescribed 5mg folic acid for 8 weeks for folate deficiency and told to eat leafy green veg which is supposed to be folate rich. I think dairy may be a good source of folate too.


Yeah I've got those pills,, 5mg , thought my diet was good for folate but obviously not, I even use the veg water in my gravy.. :-(


Ian, it's not always about what you eat, sometimes it's about what you absorb. At least veg water makes the gravy taste good.


Your not wrong,, oh well broccoli tonight,, pill tomorrow,, doc said pill three times a week. So she can't think it's that severe .


The only vitamin I take is b12, I just eat a varied diet with lots of leafy greens and veg. :)


Nikki365, there's nothing wrong with high B12 when you are supplementing. Excess is excreted in urine. Your range is very low. PAS recommend B12 is optimal at 1,000.

Your ALT is fine as your other liver tests don't indicate a problem. If you drank alcohol within 10 days of the test I believe that can raise ALT.


Ferritin is low. Halfway through range is optimal. Supplement iron and take each tablet with 500mg-1,000mg vitamin C to aid absorption and minimise constipation.


My ferritin is on the lower side, would explain why I feel rubbish at the time of month..


What about your thyroid levels ? Have you got those results to hand.


No... I had my tsh done in January, but as usual all normal, I have a endo appt in July, I'm

Currently on t3 only now, back in January, I was on Levo 175mcg and felt very ill, so I decided enough is enough, I had to take control.. Fingers crossed feeling good, but my weight issues I need to get on top of, I need to lose at least 5 stone. My weight went up and up on Levo even though I was eating healthy.


Maybe continue to raise the t3?


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