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New Results

Just got my results back from testing after 6 weeks on new 200mg dose.

Readings before increase

TSH = 3.46

T4 = 12.3

Ferritin 16

New results

TSH = 0.03 (range 0.35 to 5.00)

T4 = 20.1 (range 9-21)

Ferritin = 56 (range 15-200)

As far as i can tell, looks good. I know ferritin should be half way or so. So will continue with the iron. Do these look right to you guys?

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The most important question is - 'How do you feel' - if a lot better that's good. Your results are fine but even if we have 'perfect' blood tests but have clinical symptoms we still need an increase in hormones.


I'm feeling ok, its hard to remember what i felt like before. Unfortunately my stomach issues not resolved and still seem to be loosing shed loads of hair on a daily basis. So not sure what the answer is. Thanks


Lucky, you appear to be optimally dosed now. Symptoms can lag behind good biochemistry by up to 8 weeks so you'll hopefully feel better soon. Hair loss may be due to your previously high TSH. It can take a few months for this to settle.


It could also be because of your ferritin level.


Yes think it's still early to tell. So shall wait and see. Think that's me been on the ferritin a couple months now, not sure what the long term is with that. If my thyroid behaving now, will my ferritin remain at a decent level, or could something else have brought that down ?


Your thyroid isn't doing anything at all. Your levels have come up because of the thyroid hormone supplementation you're taking. And you'll need to be on that for life.

Difficult to say about the iron, just keep on taking it and getting tested, and then you'll see how it goes. It isn't high enough yet.

So many things can cause hair loss. Have you also had your vit D, vit B12 and folate tested? Also if other Bs are deficient it can cause your hair to fall. But Don't be discouraged if it continues to fall for a while. All the dead hair has to drop out so that the new stuff can grow. In the meantime, keep your scalp supple. A stiff scalp won't allow hair to grow. Plenty of massages when you wash your hair, and brush it down to the scalp to increase blood flow to the roots. Also, as you're taking levo, try taking Evening Primrose Oil and Borage Oil to counteract the effects it has on hair.


Thanks for your replies. And I'm very lucky my 9 year old loves playing with my hair in the evening. And does the most amazing head massages.


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