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I am a member of Change and they recently sent me this petition to sign! Not sure if it is the same as the one this website supports but if not, please can everyone sign it! The more attention we can draw toward thyroid issues, hopefully the more can be done by the medical profession to treat it correctly!!!

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  • Could you put the link that goes to change as not a facebook member.Thanks.

  • There are many people who are not signed up to facebook - for many reasons. Including me.

    "Open" links which do not require any membership are much preferred.

  • Sorry guys, here is the link:

  • Thank you!

  • ...already signed and delivered :-)

  • I think this might be a different one as it is still active, they need another 7,400 signatures to get to 40,000

  • Thanks have signed .

  • Already signed and shared. :)

    You know if you've signed it because you can't sign twice.

  • Thanks greygoose, I didn't realise that!

  • Signed xx

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