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Preparing to start NDT

As the title says I am looking to start on NDT in the coming weeks by which time i will be 6 weeks post pregnancy. I dont want to leave it any longer as i need to now be focusing on getting my health back in order to care for my children to the best of my ability. I am aware i need to get a full thyroid blood check done. Do i also look at getting vit D, ferritin etc checked at this point to, before starting NDT? Also will be getting it all done privately but not sure whats the best course of action. If i do it through Genova Diagnostics where is best to go for the bloods, do i ask my gp surgery or is their private clinics (i am in Glasgow). My westthroid has arrived and i am desperate to get started but just want to make sure i am doing everything in the right order. I am not really clued up fully in all the different supplements i may need, is there particular ones i should take in general. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated from anyone who can help me. Thanks in advance.

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Not sure whether that's a good plan or not! Congratulations on your new baby, great news and I appreciate you wanting to feel at your best to care for your baby. Hormones are going to be all over the place so not sure whether it would be best to let things settle down first with treatment you are familiar with.


I have felt so much better on NDT (thyroidS) than T4, I hope you find it the same. I went very cautiously slowly swapping from T4 to NDT but improvements were noticeable immediately and I have never looked back. I can send details of what I'd did if you would like. I was vit d deficient but it has improved on the NDT. I hope your energy for your children returns very quickly - it was almost immediate for me after just 3 days of a quarter grain my energy started to flow again and I felt like things were clicking back together in my mind and body. It was so wonderful to find myself again after being so lost for so many years.

I wish you every success with it :-)


That would be great if you could, I would appreciate it! I have been hearing a lot of positive stories of people changing over to NDT. I hope like you I also see a notable difference, it's that hope which is keeping me focused and positive. I have the sttm book and I follow some of Facebook pages to try and stay informed but struggling to keep up and retain some of the info especially when it comes to all the supplements I may need. So any advice you could give me would be a great help! Thank you again.


I have sent a PM ashley32 with the details - I hope you find them helpful 😊


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