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Ready to try T3 againnow,but very anxious

I have been on thyroxine since 1997,and am now 65.Moved from Wales to Cumbria & new GP sent bloods to endo,as a response to my symptom of chronic fatigue.(Have been experiencing hypo symptoms for a long,long,time-chronic mental & physical fatigue,relentless slow weight gain,hair loss to name the WORST signs)

New GP with endo co-operation agreed to prescribe T3.(no appointment with endo)

I lowered my T4 from 125mg to 75mg & added 10mg T3 split into 2 doses of 5mg.Did this for only 3 days & got supraventricula tachycardia,as I posted on here.(Have had episodes of this since the 1960s but this wouldn't stop-a first.Had to attend A &E,kept in overnight(Then had 3D echocardiogram & 72 hour monitor arranged.Just had the all-clear,so in theory can re-start the T3.

I really,really want to feel better than this-I am sick of feeling like I'm in my 90s.But I am afraid.You have been a great support,with your suggestions based on your own trials & experiences with adding T3,substituting T3 alone & NDT.

Do you recommend lowering my T4 for a bit,before I start adding T3?Please please post or PM anything at all you feel will help me.I posted my bloods after the scrip was issued & am taking D3,iron,folic acid & B12(have been for quite a while)

Many thanks in advance.Its so hard to sort this when your brain is in such a fog!And there is alot of anxiety to cope with too.Just finding my way to relevant archived posts is proving a challenge(anyone help with the method?)

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My doc won't use T3 as I have small heart issues

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Naomi, click on your username on the green HU post and select Profile to see your old posts.

The last bloods I can see you posted 4 months ago

TSH was 1.66 and FT4 and FT3 mid range so I don't see any need to reduce Levothyroxine. Add 5mcg T3 split into 2 doses 6-12 hours apart if you can (don't worry if the pieces are a little uneven). Try this dose for a week or two and if you don't have any adverse effects raise to 2 x 5mcg.

I hope you don't have any problems this time around but if you do have palpitations or elevated heart rate and pulse, skip the next dose of T3 until they return to normal.


Had RAI for Graves Disease in 2001. Have been hypo and hyper. This site has helped me immensely.

I started on Nascent Iodine yesterday. Will update at regular intervals. Read about it. It supposedly helps with some of your sypmtoms.


You may need to be checked you haven't developed fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome. I have under active thyroid and just been diagnosed with fibromyalgia ..worth thinking about. Hope you get it sorted xx


frankie, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome are syndromes, not disease. You can't be 'diagnosed' with them. They are symptoms of something wrong in the body that is causing pain and/or fatigue.

Could be caused by low thyroid, low adrenals, nutritional deficiencies... But as you are hypo, the obvious cause is that you're not on enough thyroid hormone replacement. Do you have any labs to share with us, to rule that out first?

Not a good idea to recommend someone get 'diagnosed' with fibro becuase there's no cure and no treatment - except pain killers. And the label sticks with you all your life, and when a doctor sees that on your notes, he's not going to search for anything else. It's all just too easy to put everything down to your fibro and leave you to suffer. Insist on getting a proper diagnosis!

Sorry, but that's the way it is.

Hugs, Grey


I second that .

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