Could anyone give any advice. Had Graves, been off block and replace since Jan. 1st appointment after coming off medication I was discharged even though Doctor said all my symptoms are now pointing to under active thyroid,y bloods have coming back ok. Tsh 1.4 range 0.03- 6 and t4 15 range 10-22. Have tiredness. Swollen puffy arms , swollen neck. Is this part of the course for this condition? He has asked for a 9am cortisol

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  • What do you mean you HAD graves? Do you not have it anymore? How long were you on the block and replace therapy? I was on for 18 mths 3/4 years ago and it didnt work for me. I was put back on one lot of medication neomercazole, things didnt really change regarding thyroid after that, except nature took its course and I had a baby! Sounds like the block and replace therapy didnt work for you. Or else you might need to go on it longer? The most u can do the block and replacement therapy is 18mths. If u are taking the medication route for the thyroid and you find that you are not getting anywhere, u need to think of your nxt plan of action! Because being on that route can become very exhausting, it was for me. Eight mths after my baby was born I had RAI it played havoc on my body and ended up in hospital. I was very very sick. I then got the thyroid out in Feb this year and slowly but surely I am getting there. Waiting for my levels to go within range, its jst my TSH really, my TPO antibodies were 67 in Sept when I was in hospital and now since TT they are 25!

    You have to be your own boss for your own treatment, it's you're body u have to deal with the symptoms at the end of the day! Do what is best for you, research, research and more research! Best of luck!

  • Jessi4, Your TSH and FT4 are euthyroid and don't indicate hypothyroidism or a return to hyperthyroidism. Weight gain and puffiness can be hypothyroid symptoms but the puffiness isn't usually just confined to arms and neck.

  • Sorry think I still have it, its just gone quiet, had block and replace for 18 months. I'm told we have to just wait and see now. Thanks both of you for your reply

  • Jessi, Graves doesn't go away but you may enjoy a period of remission. Unfortunately, with Graves remission doesn't always last and you may become hyperthyroid again in the future. Your recent labs aren't hyperthyroid or hypothyroid.

  • all good advice here...maybe check with GP and look at diet for puffiness to see if it helps, cut out salt, caffeine, do some gentle yoga, acupuncture...... drink lots of filtered water....

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