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Anyone seen this doctor in Lancashire?

Does anyone in the Lancashire area know of or has seen Dr Tarek Gaber? He's a doctor who is the consultant for the local CFS service - I'm not very hopeful about anyone who heads-up a service that calls Myalgic Encephalomyelitis CFS, since the former is a recognised diagnosis, especially in Canada, and the latter a bucket diagnosis, especially in Britain!

If you could let me know of your experience with him I'd be grateful. I'm looking for yet another doctor who knows how this condition affects us and who is able to treat it intelligently and well (no pun intended). He has written a paper on the incidence/relationship between hypothyroidism and CFS ...

I'm in the Lancashire area, will travel some distance but can't continue to shell out for private doctors who take the money then snap at the hands that feed them!

If you could pm me, please, and let me know?


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Hi I had CFS, ME and Fibromyalgia they are all the same disease with different names and slightly different symptoms all thyroid related. However the body reacts to insufficient thyroid hormone at the cellular level will be the name of the disease you will be given.

I go to Dr Hertoghes clinic in Brussels and they are very good.

if you want any help please mail me.

Sorry nope but do please let us know what he's like. I have seen Dr A M, a pleasant lady endocrinologist who specialises in fatigue-spectrum illnesses. The appointment was exactly what I expected, though.. looking at vitamins, diet and exercise and not at my medication levels, which she did not want to discuss, other than to get me off T3 because we want to have a family at some point. I didn't go back :/

Hi Schenks

We have no info either way about this doc - sorry.

Let me know if you do see him...! :)



Ol, Lou, will do, thanks.


Hello my friend has ME and she was diagnosed by this doctor six years ago, but she can't remember what the doctor was like.

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