Is the doctor being obstructive?

I finally managed to talk to a GP about getting a referral to see an endocrinologist regarding my Thyroxine medication. No referral has been forthcoming, but my levo has been raised from 100mcg/125mcg alternate days, to 150mcg daily. Blood test in six weeks. Apparently my tsh last blood test showed I could need a slight raise (but I wasn't told this), however "we don't want the tsh to go too low or I'm in danger of osteoperosis and brittle bone disease"

Symptoms persisting include lack of energy, joint pain, air hunger. Probably more I don't know of. Apparently the Endo will not be able to do anything for me as I have no gland, even if I was referred.

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  • BaldyblokeDave, GP's certainly obstructing your wellbeing by not increasing your dose when TSH was high.

  • The endo would be able to test your FT3, which is the most important reading. The TSH is rubbish - as I'm sure you know - and they are just telling you porkies when they talk about osteoporosis and all that, because TSH doesn't have the power to do that. But, to be fair, I think they actually believe that myth!

    I Don't think he's being deliberately obstructive - although anything is possible - I think he's just ignorant. There's a lot of it about - to quote a phrase!

  • Thank you greygoose. I seem to be with a practice who don't like to help their patients. I'll have to hang on for six weeks and then challenge it all. But doctors hate being told what to do!

  • That's because they Don't like being shown up for the ignorant buggers they really are! Especially when it comes to thyroid. But if you had 'depression', they'd be all over you!

    Good luck!

  • Eeerr. No. I have depression and anxiety disorder, they just throw me the tablets and the sick notes like fish at a penguin park. I haven't see my GP in over 6 months. In fact this one I spoke to is a new one. Apparently my named gp has gone abroad for a few months.

  • Depression and anxiety disorder are usually thyroid symptoms. If you got your T3 optimized you probably wouldn't need the tablets. That's what most people find.

  • You have a legal right to a doctor or hospital of your choice according to the website of NHS England. See under choices

  • The NHS England website indicates you have a legal right to be referred to a doctor or hospital of your choice. See the 'choices' section of their website

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