Stopping Meds for 10 days?

I have been feeling pretty awful in recent months. Reading all the info I think I am toxic with too much unconverted T4. Possibly due to adrenal fatigue. GP says bloods are ok. Has agreed to do range of bloods again but have to wait til 28th May! Been trying to book app with Dr P and actually got him on the phone today. Hopefully be able to book with his secretary on monday. Asked him quickly about my reaction to Levo at the moment and he said to stop it for 10 days them start taking Nutri Adrenal Plus (which I have ordered). GP has said im not to stop taking Levo and I HAVE to take it every day! I take 100mcg. Even cutting a bit off the tab to reduce dose makes me feel horribly panickt afterwards, racing heart, unable to cope, shaking inside. Is it safe to stop Levo for so long? Am worried I will be seriously ill.

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  • Millefleur, it's quite safe to stop taking Levothyroxine (T4) temporarily. ThyCa patients have to stop T4 for 4 weeks prior to RAI although they are usually prescribed Liothyronine (T3) for the first two weeks. You are likely to feel very hypothyroid as most of the T4 will be out of your system after a week and it will take another week to absorb when you resume taking it.

    It would be better to wait until after your blood test on the 28th to start Dr.P's protocol or reschedule the blood test for 8 weeks after you restart Levothyroxine.

  • My body cant seem to take the Levo any more though, cant stand the anxiety and panic. Will have to wait for results for a week or two after app on 28th (thats if GPs dont cancel it, thats happend before)!

  • Millefleur, if you stop Levothyroxine before your bloodtest on 28th you'll skew the results and have to wait 6-8 weeks after restarting Levothyroxine to have another test. You can stop Levothyroxine immediately after your test and follow Dr. P's protocol while you are waiting for results.

  • Ok will have to do that, thank you

  • Then find a doctor that will use T3. They are about but rare. If the T4 isn't converting more T4 will make you feel worse. My doctor in the USA does telephone consultations and is an expert in T3 therapy. Email me and I will give you her website

  • Could I please have the details of your doctor in the. US? I could dimwits Simeon sound advice regarding t3. (I have forgotten how to private message/email). Thank you.

  • Sorry that made no sense!!..predictive text!! It should have said 'do with some sound advice '

  • Hi here it is She is excellent, tell her Linda from Truro recommended her to you. Best wishes

  • Your GP will always say bloods are ok as his knowledge is very limited. He has been given a range to use and T4 which is far from good. These tests do not work and I can say that not just through experience, I nearly didn't make it, but due to the doctor that introduced them changing his mind. He had just admitted that this regime is far from good. Email me and I will send you the notes from the conference in Scotland.

    Do you have your gland? Barry is right and is clearing the T4 from your blood as it sounds you have gone toxic. You are not converting to T3 which is essential. This is what happened to me but I had no gland and the T4 wasn't converting I lay in bed for 18 months.

    I was taken off T4 and put on T3 only. What a change. You have to understand that the cells in the body have receptor sites. These sites have to have T3 into the sites continually for life itself. If they are starved through unconverted T4 they can become resistant and over time you feel really ill.

    Ask Dr Peatfield about T3 only for a while. I would never recommend T4 only after what I have been through I would always ensure both hormones are given just in case of non conversion.

    All blood tests are testing what is in the blood not in the cells. Symptoms and morning pulse is the way to go.

    do you have any body pain?

    take care

  • I still have my thyroid, never been mentioned to remove it. I have sciatic pain in lower back and also pain in heart area. I think im going to have to keep up with the 100mcg of levo, despite toxic, until bloods are done on 28th, on Clutters advice.

  • Sciatic pain is connected with low thyroid or thyroid hormone sitting in the blood and not converting to T3. The thyroid hormone controls every muscle in your body and so when insufficient thyroid hormone is in the receptors then the muscle is tight and so sciatica is the result. I used to get that pain in my heart and it was wind through my metabolism being so low, as soon as I added T3 it went away.

    Why keep taking something that is making your poorly. Bloods will show nothing, they only show what's in the blood and not in the cells. Ask your doctor to swap you to Armour or Erfa as at least you are then getting all 5 atoms and not just one T4.

    If he won't then find a doctor that will. I'm afraid with this thyroid problem you have to go outside the box, if I didn't I wouldn't be here now.

  • I don't know if I have same issues as yourself but wanted to let you know I stopped levo for 6 days before as I felt it was unsafe to carry on as I went so hyper I was practically incontinent from sped up metabolism. Doctor insisted it wasn't my thyroid or meds causing problem. I thought I'd end up in hospital so simply stopped the meds and felt better over night and the next few days all nasty symptoms like the heart palps cleared up too. I introduced a reduced dose after 6 days and built up as I felt able.

  • I was the same. My body felt like I was being poisoned. I've stopped taking it to reduce/eliminate toxic overload. Started Nutri meds for a week because of suspected adrenal problem then will re start thyroid med at a reduced dosage next week. Dumped Levithyroxine and giving Armour Thyroid a go. If that doesn't work then I'll have a go at just T3.

    Drs wasting my life.

  • That is exactly what he advised me to do. It worked! within a few days my 32 years of pain started to melt away. The NA had to be done very slowly, and the Extra did not suit me, only the plain Nutri Adrenal. after some days on NA I started taking very small amounts of T3. I have NO thyroid, so yes, it WAS scary but Dr P knows what he is doing. He saved my sanity and restored my life. Wish I had known years ago, shame I had to wait until I was 68 before I could walk without doubling up in agony.

    Some people have seen Dr P and then not followed his regime, because they were afraid or whatever. I thought, " Well, I've paid good money for this and I am going to give it my very best shot!" How glad I am that I did think like that.

    Please be encouraged and keep that all-important diary, then if you do have anything which worries you, all the clues are there in writing to help find what is causing the problem. I set it all up on the computer to make it easier for me.

    It's now 2 years and I have had a heart operation 6 weeks ago to correct a heart defect I have had since I was born, completely without blood, and I am starting to get back to normal now - the surgeon said that my 'good T3 levels' had helped me to recover faster.

    I really do wish you all the best, millefleur.

    Marie xxxxx

  • Thank you so much for for your lovely response Marie. So glad that you found what worked for you and are feeling well. I have faith in Dr P, just got to get an app and struggle through until I can get bloods done to take with me. Xxx

  • When I rang up recently I got an appointment within 2 weeks and had a choice of numerous dates, though did travel to Crawley as was desperate to see him, so hopefully you will see him soon. It's great to have a plan of action after years of being left to rot!!!! Good luck. 😊

  • I will have to travel to Crawley too. Did you have to stop meds for 10 days before starting on ndt? How are you getting on with your plan of action?

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