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So confused by endo

About 2 weeks ago I was diagnosed with hashimotos. The endocrinoligist knows that I have a googling obsession so he wrote down; sub-clinical hypothyroidism and hashimotos.

I received a letter the other day which was a copy of what the endo sent to the gp, but it said that I have sub-clinical HYPERthyroidism with no mention of hashimotos. I showed my boyfriend the note that the endo wrote for me to google and he agreed that it said HYPO. I told my mum to read the letter and she was too confused.

It also said that my thyroxine and t3 are within normal preference range, my tsh is high and i have antibodies involved.

Im so worried its something serious that has been missed .

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sounds like hashimoto's to me since TSH is high. but with Graves you can also have antibodies.

Why would he give two different diagnosis that is strange, maybe he was confused but if it was hyper your tsh would be very low.


If your TSH is high, then you have hypothyroidism, not hyperthyroidism. Somebody, somewhere, made a mistake. It could be the person who typed out the letter who misheard what the endo said.


Okay Thankyou, now I understand better and you have actually improved my knowledge because I thought that it was underactive when tsh was low. But yes, I will check as I believe someone has obviously mis typed it.


I was going to suggest a dictation error too.

Emilychazza98, it's important to make sure the correct diagnosis has been entered onto your medical records. Please check this when you see your GP. Hopefully he will have noticed the discrepancy and checked it out already :)

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