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DI02 Gene test or DNA?


Looking for advice as to whether to go for DI02 Gene test or I have also seen people mention a full DNA test. Which do people advise is the better test?

I have an appointment with an endo at the end of July and intend on arming myself with as much information/ ammo as possible, to hopefully get T3 (depending on the test outcome) or a natural desiccated hormone prescribed.

Thank you

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Is there a big difference in cost?

One advantage of a full DNA test is that it may highlight other issues such as the MTHFR gene mutation which causes methylation problems. One disadvantage is that it may reveal something that you'd rather not know about or were not prepared to hear. Personally I would want to know about things like that but I can imagine it being extremely stressful!

I'm not sure if doctors rate one test more highly than the other. Hopefully someone will be able to clarify that for you. I would be very interested in the answer myself!

Carolyn x


Carolyn, you make an excellent point about not wanting to know too much! From what I've looked at, the cost is about the same.


You also need to make sure that the DNA test you get definitely includes the DIO2 test. I'm not sure if they necessarily do, especially the commercially advertised one. It may be wise to contact the company directly and get an explicit confirmation of whether they test the DIO2 gene so you don't end up wasting your money.


Where is the best place to get such a comprehensive DNA test including DIO2 checking + all the related reports with related information on each entry which may deviate from the norm?


In sorry, I don't know. It might be best to start a new thread asking that question. I'm sure other members have had such tests.

It might be worth looking at this page on the main thyroid UK website regarding the DIO2 test.


My Adrenal specialist recommended 123andMe, cost £125. I am intrigued but have not had the test as yet. There are reviews if you google.


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