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DI02 & MTHFR Gene Test

Is it worthwhile my obtaining these tests?

I am 54 and suffered a lot of anxiety and depression on and off since childhood. My mum has also had many health issues since I was growing up, along with depression and anxiety). Sister also had depression problems when young and, although not diagnosed, my brother who is over 60 shows traits of autism.

Am wondering if the above tests might benefit me in some way?

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I just googled, and came up with above links. One explains what MTHFR is, and other suggests avoiding folic acid, and eating greens, plus other health lifestyle choices.

Therefore, I'd ask what other tests have you had?

What makes you think you have a faulty gene?

If you did have a faulty gene, what would you do differently?


This last link relates to a post some years ago about D102. It may answer your question, or it may not.

Hope this helps, if not I'm sure more expert folk will respond soon.


you might find the PAS forum on health unlocked interesting if you think your symptoms are pointing at B12 deficiency as well - which would be one of the consequences of having the MTHFR genes. MTHFR affects your ability to process folate into the forms used by cells - which affects your bodies ability to process B12 as folate is needed to process B12.

If you have an MTHFR problem then your folate levels in blood will tend to be high - but don't think that is a prerequisite as people vary a lot (certainly more than the average GP seems to realise)

This is link to symptoms of B12 deficiency


and this to the PAS forum



my B12 is ok


Hi there

I got the di02 test done as thyroid issues run in my Mum's family (gran, aunt, all my cousins are hypo, my mum being different is borderline hyper and the only one of us without a definite diagnosis) and I thought that this might be a contributing factor. I came up positive for heterozygous gene snp (ie of rhe two I have one is normal and the other is a duffer).

I used my results to get a private prescription for ndt, this changed my life as my residual symptoms ( tiredness, cold, hormonal migraines) all went (mostly) and the big surprise was that brain fog that I didn't even know that I had lifted; I had got better thinking wise on levo that I hadn't realised that I was still significantly mentally impaired, but taking ndt brought my personality back

So, I would suggest taking rhe di02 test as you know either way whether you need t3/ndt to feel well. But you may want to try for these without it if you're not feeling 100 per cent on levo....

Good luck


what difference to my condition and life would it make if I had these tests done?


With the di02 you would know whether you needed t3 as well as t4. If you do need t3 then you will go from being not great to being you. If you don't have the gene then it's a waste of money

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The gene and the test are called DIO2 (three letters and a number).

Whilst I am sure people will recognise it, if you try to search for information, you might well miss it if you don't use its proper name.

The name come from Deioidinase 2.


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