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high cortisol..Can anyone advise?

I recently had a blood cortisol test. saliva testing is not an option where I live. The specimen was taken on the 30th of April at 7.40 am.

The reference range is 250-700

My result = 790 nmol/L

Reference interval applies to specimens taken 7-9AM

The Lab report states:

"High cortisol may be due to stress, illness, hydrocortisone therapy or Cushings Syndrome. If Cushings syndrome is suspected, consider overnight 1mg dexamethasone suppression test. A common cause of elevated cortisol in women is the use of exogenous oestrogen (eg CCP, HRT)"

I was using HRT but finished about 3-4 months ago. What is CCP?

I am on NDT increased 3 weeks ago from 45mg to 50mg. Now, I not only wake up at 2-3 am every morning, I find it difficult or impossible to get back to sleep. Furthermore, my mind is on hyperdrive and I am having 'hot flushes', sweaty palms and total body tingling while I lie awake at night. My usual basal temperature is 36.3, never going above 36.4centigrade.

Any comments, help and ideas would be appreciated!

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I'm also interested in this question, because I've got cortisol bit over the range like that.

When I had a 24 hour cortisol test, I found mine was very high in the morning, low in range all day, then below range at night. I was waking up in the night and not able to get to sleep - I've read and think this might be related to low cortisol, as cortisol is supposed to kind of keep you going through the night, once you run out of ready energy from your last meal. I've now started taking Adrenal extra and some other things, and am seeing some slow improvement.

But I am only just starting to learn about cortisol, so can't comment on your specifics with the NDT increase as well.


I don't know what CCP is, but do you have other symptoms of looking stretch marks, high blood sugar, red cheeks, can't lose weight etc.. maybe need the overnight 1mg dexamethasone suppression .


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