Anyone with high cortisol?


I've been on NDT 1 grain a year now- can't raise as I now know I have adrenal fatigue 4 ridiculous highs throughout the day. Also have Hashimotos and low FT3. Purchased T3 as I don't feel at all well hoping this would be the miracle I need only to be told if I have adrenal issues I probably won't be able to tolerate this either.

So anyone have similar- if so how are you medicating? How are you addressing cortisol and thyroid issues?


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  • Hi. My cortisol was tested too high as well. I have found the symptoms reduced by taking holy basil daily. It's been 5 months now and will have another 24 hr saliva test soon. I have hashimotos and have been on t3 for 5 months too.

    I was referred by an endocrinologist for a synacthen test to test the adrenals but it meant stopping holy basil. I did, but the symptoms returned, so back to holy basil and no adrenal test. I don't know if this helps. Good luck. :-)

  • Thanks I've just got T3 but was advised to ask others with high cortisol how they're treating thyroid alongside

  • You should ensure all your vitamins and minerals are optimal to support your thyroid. Ferritin, folate, selenium, magnesium etc. And I can tolerate t3 despite high cortisol, but then again, I improved my vitamins/minerals first.

  • i have high cortisol, until last month i was on T3 only and felt lousy

    im now on 1/2, 1/4, 1/2 NDT

    5 holy basil, 2 jujube and 2 relora taken an hour before each high (relora and jujube need to be taken as 1)

    im increasing the relora and jujube every 3 days until no symptoms and going very very very slow on the NDT

    since stopping NDT ive no longer needed beta blockers

  • Thanks it's such a long tiring journey are you doing this alone or with Endo/ naturopath/functional led dr?

  • Med not led lol

  • im on my own :(

    i had high cortisol last year and endo tested for cushings and all was fine, i stopped treatment then as thought i was ok only to have even higher highs this time

    endo is not interested in these results he said they were rubbish as i dont have cushings

    even told me to stop thyroid meds with a TSH 13.7

    ive lost all faith in the NHS now and will only go when i need tests done

  • Shocking ain't it- I've been through the same. 3 Endos none who believe in AF only Addisons and Cushings when that was negative they didn't want to know.

    I'm so ill all the time and as FT3 is low figured that may help. But an Admin said it may not be beneficial due to cortisol it's like a catch 22 don't know what to do for the best

  • its disgusting how we are treated, seems theres no inbetween fo us

    i have to admit im feeling better on NDT despite my TSH being really high but im increasing the cortisol meds every 3 days so hopefully thats helping

    im not sure if i was intollerant to the T3 or if it was high cortisol causing the trouble but i have low T3 too

  • My T3 went from sky high to now really low- it's so hard doing all this alone 😔

  • we are screwed unless we go private :(

  • Don't be fooled I too thought that my mum paid £260 to hear 'I think we should be looking outside of the Endo box' 👊🏼

  • wow thats shocking

  • I have read that Vitamin C can be helping in reducing cortisol levels but this is an excerpt:-

    What Role Do The Adrenal Glands Have With Proper Thyroid Function?

    The adrenals are your “life saving” organs because they control your body’s hormones and help you survive in stressful situations. They act as control organs for your “fight or flight” response and secrete many of our most important hormones including: pregnenolone, adrenaline, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA and cortisol.

    When your adrenals are constantly stressed, this sets off an autoimmune, inflammatory response in your entire body. The adrenal-hypothalamus-pituitary feedback loop regulates the secretion of cortisol. All of your organs and your immunity are impacted negatively by the resulting constant assault of cortisol. Low adrenal function can actually cause someone’s thyroid problem to be much worse than it would be otherwise.

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