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Sharp pain all over my stomach and chest area


When I was 2 years old I had Kidney Cancer and now it's been over a decade and I have pains through out my stomach and chest. I went to my doctor and they said "It's normal after surgery" but this pain prevents me from running because the pain is too much. The pain sometimes feels like something inside is bubbling, pins and needles, and sometimes it feels sharp (like getting stabbed or hit with a bat multiple times)

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Is there something you are not telling us?

I can't see any obvious thyroid connection. And how old are you now?


Hello YannyIsCanadian,

I was sorry to hear about your health problems when you were young.

Surgery can throw up all sorts of after effects physically and mentally.

Perhaps you should seek a second opinion to ensure there is no other tummy issues going on there now.

Do you have a thyroid problem? Have you had thyroid hormone tests?

If so post results complete with ranges (numbers in brackets) and members will comment.

Hope you feel better soon,

flower 007


Hi I still have renal pain from surgery 50 years ago. However, I would still ask the GP to check it out to make sure and reassure you.



Yannyls, I wouldn't be surprised if adhesions could do this. Some people have more than others and they are troublesome. I don't know if an ultrasound would show it or a catscan. I would be more interested in knowing if you still have an adrenal gland which sits atop each kidney. That might have more of an impact on your health although I know you you can live with one kidney and probably can do same with one adrenal gland but they shouldn't have removed it.


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