Chest Pain - update

Morning all - still alive

Thanks for yesterday, I went through a journey of severe pain to tripping on tramadol. I went to A&E who promptly took me in to check I wasn't having a heart attack. Once they did an ECG (?) and my heart was ok I went to the back of a 6 hour queue. We left about an hour or so later and I spoke with a GP today, off to see them this afternoon.

A took a pain killer before bed that has helped and today I've woken up with discomfort, a bit of pain, a feeling of something stuck and no appetite.

Someone mentioned before it's like we trade off one set of symptoms for another.....I think this time though it's not my pesky thyroid! thanks again everyone xx

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  • Glad that was ok, that must be a relief. Hopefully the pain was there while you were having the ECG so that they saw you when you were at your worst. Fingers crossed your doctor has some helpful suggestions this afternoon and you are fixed up and pain free soon. :-)

  • I'm glad to hear you haven't had a heart attack. But don't leave it so long to get checked out in future if it happens again! :)

  • Pennyrose, well that's a relief! Hopefully it's a pulled muscle, not that it makes the pain more bearable, but it will improve.

  • The GP thinks it's a pulled muscle :) can't even imagine how that happened!

    Crazy! X

  • Did GP suggest any remedy other than pain relief or do you have to ride it out, Pennyrose?

  • Just to ride it out and if it gets worse then to go back next week. So tired! It should pass soon one would hope

  • Might be worth asking the pharmacist if there is any topical cream or spray which might help or Google to see whether heat or ice packs might help.

  • Going to pop to boots this morning, still have quite horrible nausea which I'm hoping will pass soon. It might be heartburn but without the heart burning? Feels like I have a lump in my chest!

  • Hi. I would ask the GP for a 24 hour home monitor or better 7 day one. This does tiny non stop ecgs and cn often pick up problems not showing on a "normal" ECG.


  • Thanks Jackie, I didn't know they could do that! It was all so hectic yesterday, all their systems went down and the GP's/receptionists were running about like headless chickens! x

  • Hi funny , that keeps happening here too! Yes, it is a wonderful heart check, finds out lots of things.


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