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Surprised by FT3 & 4 Levels

I recently had my annual TFT's done along with a FBC & Cholesterol. Everything is within the normal range except my platelet count, that is just under the low end of range at 149 (range is 150 - 400)

My FT4 is the highest it's ever been in 22 yrs at 32.7 (range is 12 - 22)

My FT3 is also high at 7.8 (range is 3.1 -6.8) TSH is 0.01 (range is 0.3 -4.2) no change there. Last year I had a high T4 of 28 and lowered my thyroxine to 125 & then 100 mcg as per GP until I felt so unwell (and exhausted) that I put it back up & went to see her to report that I had done so. I went back to my dose of 150mcg & have stayed there since, feeling okay.

I don't have any tremors or palpitations. GP says I could be overactive for a long time without o/active symptoms.

My question is: Am I o/active or is T4 not being used in my cells or is something else going on?

I am having further bloods for B12 & Vit D next week as I requested this after reading up on low platelet count.

I was diagnosed with CFS by an endo a few years ago who refused to agree that I had Adrenal fatigue (I had a pvt test done & was lower at begin of day than normal for evening reading).

Any advice or explanation very welcome. Thanks

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AMH1953, you are overmedicated as your FT4 is so far over range and your FT3 is also over range. It's generally acceptable when FT4 is slightly over range, say 26 when range tops at 22, but most doctors are unequivocal that FT3 should not go above range. Perhaps you could reduce to 125mcg which should slightly decrease FT3 and reduce FT4. Overmedication can cause fatigue as well as undermedication.


Thank you for a swift reply. I have reduced to 125 & 150 on alt days to see how I go with a view to reducing to 125 if I feel ok. I didn't realise fatigue could be caused by overmedicating though.

I don't understand why it would happen though after so many years of low symptoms. I have been supplementing with zinc, mag, vit c & d for some time and recently (Feb) started making my own water kefir which is supposedly full of b vits and should make my gut healthier. Is that likely to have helped do you think?

Thanks again


AMH1953, Improving your gut health can improve absorption of Levothyroxine. I'd not heard of water kefir and just Googled it. Sounds tasty.


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