Wow - price variations

Methylcobalamin amazon £12.75 jarrows or bursting with health £36 for the same thing. Hmmmmmm am I missing something?

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  • Ahh I was looking at the 5000 ones to begin with? Also think I'm ok with xylilitol but not sorbitol

  • Probably a good idea. I don't know much aboutsorbitol/xylilotol, sorry :-)

  • Nasty sweeteners like on chewing gum etc. I tend to avoid them like the plague but my need for the b12 is greater. I wonder if my horrid thin patch might grow back in!!

  • More likely to be your iron that helps with that!

  • There are different strengths - often 1000 or 5000, so that might affect the price

  • Yep I think I'll start with the stronger and then cut down later. Somebody else with similar stats was advised to do that :-)

  • Good idea :)

  • I have solgar from Amazon.

  • Thank you Muffy x

  • I've had a look. It is a bit more expensive but it appears not to have xylitol or sorbitol which the yarrow ones have in them. It's in my basket - I just need to work out the money.

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