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Over active thyroid

Been diagnosed with over active thyroid over a year ago. Was being treated with carbinzole, then my thyroid went under active so I was then put on thyroxine too, which is called block and replace therapy, now the specialist says my thyroid levels are fine and has took me off all treatment, apart from calcium pills as my calcuim is too low, the problem is I still feel terrible and I cannot stretch or have full movement of my arms, I can do certain things with my arms, but trying to put my coat on and little things where I have to stretch my arms I'm in agony, is this because my calcuim levels are low and how long before the calcuim pills start to work, I've been on the pills for a few months now, anyone out there having similar problems?

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If you're taking calcium, you should also be taking vit K2 so that the calcium goes into the bones, and not the tissues. How long this will take, I have no idea.

Who told you that your problem with your arms was due to low calcium? Have you had your other nutrients tested? Vit D, vit B12, folate, ferritin and iron? If any of those are low, they could cause similar problems - especially vit B12.

What exactly are your thyroid levels at the moment? Can you post them to share. By 'fine', most doctors mean 'in range', which often isn't 'fine' at all! You could now be rather hypo, and that would cause symptoms, too.


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