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I would appreciate some feedback on my latest blood results.

At the moment I am taking 100mcg Levothyroxine. This result was taken after 4 weeks and six days.

I am experiencing muscle pains in my legs, pins and needles and pressure in my head (all these symptoms have gone away when I have taken more thyroxine). My tongue also feels a bit thick and furry...

TSH: 0.14uU/ml 0.30-4.0

FT4: 1.37ng/dl 0.90-1.70

FT3: 2.8pg/ml 2.0-4.4

There weren't any vitamin results in this test.

All your feedback and suggestions are very much appreciated :)

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Nade, FT4 is less than 75% of range and FT3 is low, less than half way through range so there is room for a dose increase.


Does the TSH matter?

I'd taken 112 for 5 weeks before this does and had started to feel really great. My TSH was 0.02 but the FT4 and FT3 were similar to these levels. (My last post has these details).

I read in 'Stop the Thyroid Madness' that the TSH shows more about the pituitary gland. Should I get that checked out as it's constantly really high, even when I feel symptomatic?


Nade, TSH is pituitary hormone which stimulates the thyroid to produce FT4 when it detects low circulating FT3. When sufficient FT3 is detected pituitary shuts off TSH.

Your TSH is low in range, but not suppressed and it's not high. TSH is useful for initial diagnosis of primary hypothyroidism and to check it is suppressed in thyCa patients but otherwise it isn't a useful gauge of thyroid health. FT4 and FT3 are the thyroid pro-hormone and hormone that matter.

Why did you reduce from 112mcg if you felt great?


I felt I needed to prove that 100 wasn't good to doctors so that I could get them to prescribe more medication.

Also, I'd found the 112 on my own but was a bit worried about being too high and the related health consequences.

Still feel uncertain about my decisions.

Many, many thanks for your help :)


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