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Symptoms, symptoms, symptoms

Not been around for a bit, trying to get my NDT up to a reasonable amount slowly.

I'm taking 2 grains Thyroid S once a day, before food, away from supplements, etc.

I'm also taking 5000 iu B12 sublingual, 25mg Solgar Gentle Iron, selenium, 0.5g D3.

The problem is, I've had some really bad migraines at the beginning, then they went, then

I upped the dosage, they came back, but went, now having fast heart rate (only about 100, but feels fast).

Well before I started NDT, I was getting higher and higher blood pressure, so I am wondering if I have an underlying heart problem or if it's another flipping symptom and I need to increase the NDT? It's scary doing this without any medical support, you guys are awesome though.

I have an adrenal test to do (saliva) but haven't done it yet.

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If your heart rate is 100 and it is normally lower for you, I would reduce by 1/4 NDT. I know a normal heart rate is between 60 and 100 but if 100 would be high for you I would try a lower dose for about 1 week at least.

It is scary on your own but doctors aren't so knowledgeable either. I hope you settle down. The fact that your migraines went too is good news.

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Thanks, Shaws, I agree, my doctor just looks at me like I'm deluded and dishes out levothyroxine. The thing is, I was on 175mcg, and felt fine for years. My current GP frightened me into reducing to 125 and I felt awful. I took it back to 150 and still didn't feel great, but trying to get back to 175mcg just didn't seem to work. Weight was still piling on, hair falling out, so decided to try the above.

Hair loss has slowed, nails aren't breaking, brain fog starting to lift. Headaches are fewer but not entirely gone.

I suspect adrenals but haven't tested yet. I will try a step back, but as the weight isn't shifting, I think undermedication is unlikely, more likely RT3 or pooling?


Mistydog, Fast heart rate can be due to overmedication. If you've been on Thyroid-S for a couple of months it may be worth having a thyroid function test, including FT3, to check levels.


Hi Clutter

Thanks, I knew that it could be that but unfortunately I can't get a Ft3 test so have to organise that privately. Also see above reply to Shaws


Just lower the dose. From what i have read, you go by symptoms, not labs when self treating with ndt and t3. Labs really aren't very useful, in my opinion.


But I still have symptoms!


i have symptoms all the time too. I have Hashi's and low cortisol too. I have not been properly evaluated in the least.


I have the cortisol test here so will do it next week. Hope you can get yourself properly tested


The proper tests for Cortisol are ACTH Stim Testing, 24 hour urine and Metypirone testing which checks for partial adrenal insufficiency. I would not count on getting any help or much info, based solely on Saliva tests. They are not enough. You need to know why you are low, as well. Pituitary issues can cause it more than Adrenal Gland problems. Hypothyroidism too.

I hope you get the help you need.


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