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Thyroid and adrenal results interpretation and treatment advice please


Please would it be possible for someone to advise me on my results of thyroid test and salivary adrenal test. I'm taking t4 and t3 but continuing to feel poorly. I've been diagnosed as hypothyroid for years with no real improvement despite increasing medication and taking armour thyroid. although I've had relief from symptoms when tweaking my medication myself but then crashing, so I'm trying to get it right and going to start self medicating.

Thyroid- TSH 0.05, serum free t3 6.8, t4 21. I previously had high anti bodies which haven't been checked recently.

Adrenal stress profile salivary cortisol morning 12.4, +4 hours 7.8, afternoon 8.7, prior to sleep 2.5, DHEA 0.31.

Dr. Myhill advised I take dhea supplementation which I did without much change to symptoms and I think it affected hair growth.

Please could I be advised on treatment. I'm going to purchase t3 and t4, thyroid s to try to improve symptoms and get the dosage right.

I am going to buy some adrenal glandular, possibly pregnenolone. I was considering purchasing hydrocortisone or progesterone cream.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated to point me in the right direction.

Many thanks

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Zoeleestar, I've deleted the sources where T3 may be obtained as they are not allowed to be posted on the forum.

23. Do not post advertisements, links or information of any sort whatsoever, on where or how to obtain UK prescription only medications without prescription.

Do you have the lab ref ranges (the figures in brackets after your results) for your thyroid results? You appear to be optimally medicated as TSH is low and FT4 and FT3 high, probably at the top of their ranges.

As your thyroid bloods look good but you still feel unwell it may be worth having your GP check ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate. Low levels can cause musculoskeletal pain, fatigue and low mood similar to hypothyroid symptoms.

If you say what doses of T4+T3 you are currently taking members will be able to advise what the equivalent dose of Thyroid-S should be.

Some members have felt that Tiromel is slightly less potent than Cynomel. I find Tiromel is as good as UK Liothyronine but haven't tried Cynomel. However, the Mexican Cynomel is unlikely to be available before November.

Hopefully another member will be able to advise on your adrenal stress profile but I think they may need the ref ranges too. You can edit your post by clicking on the v down arrow underneath your post and selecting Edit from the drop down box. Click on the orange Edit response to submit your edited post.


Hi, thanks for reply. Sorry I'm new to forum

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